About the Current Chair of the Forum

Charles-Streeter-2x4Charles Streeter was elected Chair of the Employee Forum on June 5, 2013. He currently works as a database analyst with Student Affairs.  He grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as an MBA from Pfeiffer University.   Charles is an accomplished actor in local productions  and has worked with the North Carolina Theatre, PlayMakers Repertory Company, Burning Coal, and Deep Dish Theatre. Charles is also one of three recipients of the Inaugural Kay Winjberg Hovious Outstanding Forum Delegate Award.

Previous Chairs of the Forum

Name Department Years served as Chair
Jackie Overton Public Safety 2010-13
Tommy Griffin Facilities Services 2008-10
Ernie Patterson Biology 2006-08
Tommy Griffin Facilities Services 2002-05
John Heuer Facilities Services 2001
Joanne Kucharski Registrar’s Office 2000
Jane Stine Computer Science 1999
Linwood Futrelle Academic Technologies & Networks 1998
Bob Schreiner School of Public Health 1997
Ann Hamner Biostatistics 1996
Rachel Windham School of Dentistry 1995
Margaret Balcom University Gazette 1994
Kay Hovious School of Law 1993
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