Employee Forum delegates are elected in the spring of each year, with orientation beginning shortly thereafter. Appointments begin officially on May 1st and end on the following June 30th of the indicated year.

Delegates are expected to adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Delegate Handbook.

To contact any of the delegates listed below, please consult the university directory online.

Division 1 – EPA Non-Faculty
Name DepartmentTerm Ends
Deborah Bush Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention 2015
Jacquelyn Copeland Scholarships & Student Aid 2015
Tammy Cox School of Information & Library Science 2015
Oscar Fleming FPG Child Development Institute 2016
Michael HighlandScholarships & Student Aid 2015
Ronda Manuel Medicine Administration 2016
Whitney Mohr Housing & Residential Education 2016
Kelli Raker Student Wellness 2016
Samara Reynolds School of Law 2016
Anna Schwab Hazards Center 2015
Division 2 – Service/Maintenance
Name DepartmentTerm Ends
David Fraley Housekeeping 2015
Nihlei Tial Housekeeping 2016
Division 3 – Skilled Craft
NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Jim Fuller Maintenance2015
Todd Hux Building Services, HVAC 2015
Division 4 – Clerical/Secretarial (Academic Affairs)
Name DepartmentTerm Ends
Tiffany Carver School of Social Work 2015
Matt McKirahan School of Government 2015
Tara Smith Friday Center 2015
Division 5 – Clerical/Secretarial (Health Affairs)
NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Amanda Chang Biochemistry & Biophysics 2015
Division 6 – Clerical/Secretarial (Other)
NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Bonita Brown Carolina Union 2016
Shane Hale University Library 2016
Arlene Medder Auxiliary Enterprises 2016
Renee Sherman Registrar’s Office 2016
Katie Turner Faculty Governance 2015
Division 7 – Technical
Name DepartmentTerm Ends
Kirk Montgomery Energy Services2016
Christopher Powe Human Resources 2016
Division 8 – Professional
Name DepartmentTerm Ends
Nancy Beach Health Policy & Management 2015
Ronald Campbell Public Safety 2016
Lois Douglass-Alston Scholarships & Student Aid 2015
Yvonne Dunlap Oncology 2015
Andy Eaker Pediatrics 2016
Teresa Etscovitz Dental Research 2016
Paula Goodman Undergraduate Education 2015
Christine Greenberg Study Abroad 2015
Victoria Hammett School of Pharmacy 2016
Karen Jenkins-Cheek Public Safety 2015
Aluoch Ooro Biostatistics 2015
Jackie Overton Public Safety 2016
Shamecia PowersAnthropology 2015
Kathy Ramsey Dental Research 2015
Rocky Riviella McAllister Heart Institute 2016
Christina Rodriguez Psychology 2015
Charles Streeter Student Affairs 2015
Division 9 – Executive/Managerial
NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Ben Triplett Housekeeping 2016
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