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Register for professional development through ConnectCarolina

October 27, 2016

We encourage all staff to explore opportunities provided on campus through the Office of Human Resources’s Organization and Professional Development.

To register for an upcoming class:

  • Visit the ConnectCarolina website and sign in with your Onyen and password.
  • Select Training Enrollment under the Self Service tab.
  • You can search by “Course Name” or by a specific “Course Date.”

If you have questions about course offerings, call Organization & Professional Development at 919-962-2550.

All courses are free and available to faculty and staff members at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Carolina Women’s Center Launches New Lactation Toolkit

September 8, 2016

The Carolina Women’s Center (CWC) launched a new resource for all employees in September 2016: a Lactation Toolkit that provides an overview of the University’s policies and resources for faculty, staff, and students who are breastfeeding. Accessible and user-friendly, the toolkit provides suggestions for ways in which supervisors and nursing mothers can work together to balance work responsibilities with nursing mothers’ rights to accommodation.

The Toolkit can be downloaded as a pdf from the CWC’s page, part of Parenting@UNC, on pregnancy and lactation resources. The Toolkit is available in its separate components:

The toolkit was developed in collaboration with a number of campus partners, including the Faculty Governance Committee on the Status of Women, the Employee Forum, the Faculty Governance Committee on Community and Diversity, the Faculty Governance Faculty Welfare Committee, the Faculty Governance Fixed-Term Faculty Committee, the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Chancellor, and the Office of Human Resources. Jonathan Olivares designed the documents.


If you have any questions about the Toolkit, please contact Clare Counihan, Program Coordinator for Faculty & Staff, at clarecounihan[at] She is available to meet with units or departments to discuss accommodations and to talk with individuals about their experiences.

The Lactation Toolkit is one of several initiatives by the CWC to improve resources for caregiving employees at UNC:

  • Increasing lactation spaces. If your unit or building would like to add a designated lactation space or needs help identifying an appropriate temporary space, please contact clarecounihan[at] and michael.pierce[at]
  • The Parenting@UNC website. Here you can find all the policies, resources, and benefits that support faculty, staff, and students with caregiving responsibilities. The Center plans to rebrand this website to “Caregivers@UNC” and expand the website’s coverage of information about and resources for elder care.
  • Workshops & Education. The CWC recently relaunched “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” as a complement to Human Resources’ “Planning for Parental Leave” course. If you could not make “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” please feel free to contact Clare Counihan (clarecounihan[at] with questions.
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Career Corner: HR’s Top 5

November 24, 2015

What are the Top 5 things your HR teams wish more UNC employees knew? We asked Kathy Bryant, Senior Director of HR Communication and Talent Development, to share. We’re passing the answers on to you, with some extra links with more information.

  1. What benefits do I have?

Know which coverage level of the State Health Plan you’re enrolled in, as well as your retirement plan and other benefits. You can find this information through ConnectCarolina—which should look familiar from Open Enrollment. If you don’t know your premium rates and co-pays, you can look those up by finding your plan through ConnectCarolina, or you can go directly to your provider’s website, such as the State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.29.23 PM

  1. How does my retirement work? When can I retire? Can I borrow from my retirement plan?

There is a wealth of information online about both Teachers and State Employers Retirement Program (TSERS) and the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), or you can reach out to our Benefits Consultants for assistance.

The NC Department of State Treasurer also has a lot of information, including a great Frequently Asked Questions section. For employees with ORPs, both Fidelity Investments and TIAA-Cref provide free services from financial advisors to guide you in making your selections and long-term strategy.

  1. Am I saving enough for retirement?

Take advantage of resources through both TSERS and the ORP (depending on your enrollment) to find out how much you should be saving. UNC also offers several supplemental retirement plans that can help.

The Social Security Administration also provides an online Retirement Planner, and CNN Money outlines an “Ultimate Guide to Retirement“, answering questions like “How much money will I need in retirement?” and “How much should I save?”

  1. How can I access professional development opportunities?

OHR offers free courses that are available to all permanent employees. To see the list of current courses, visit There are also many programs available to employees who wish to take college courses. For more information on these programs, including the Tuition Waiver program, see

And don’t forget to check out earlier Career Corner articles!

  1. How can I get current information on my benefits, see my paystub, enroll in training courses, and change dependent elections?

All of these can be done through ConnectCarolina’s self- service functions. Log in and click Self Service. There are also a number of great tutorials in the Resource Center for ConnectCarolina– including a web tutorial about accessing your paystub (link opens in registration page for tutorial).

If you have any other questions for HR, leave them in the comments!

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Forum thanks Matt Brody for his partnership

January 28, 2015
Brody, left, receives a few small gifts from Charles Streeter, right, at the January meeting of the Employee Forum. Photo courtesy of Katie Turner.

This month, the Forum said farewell to one of its major partners and collaborators, Matt Brody. Brody has served in many human resource-related positions at Carolina since 2002, and most recently he held the position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Over the years, he has helped to guide the Forum’s work by giving updates to the delegates and receiving feedback from UNC staff.

Brody has seen the university go through many transitions, from times when the staff received relatively generous raises to more recent budgetary struggles. In 2013, when former Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Brenda Malone left the university to take a position at Georgetown University, Brody acted as interim vice chancellor until a replacement was found.

Brody’s partnership with the Forum and his diplomacy when handling difficult issues has made him an asset to the staff at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Charles Streeter, chair of the Employee Forum, said that “Brody presents difficult communication with tact and a disposition that does not leave others feeling insulted or degraded. One may not agree with a policy or response to an issue but Brody will do his best to make sure there is an understanding as to why the policy exists or response was given.”

In 2012, Brody won the prestigious C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards for “unusual, meritorious or superior contribution[s] made by an employee.” He has accepted a position in the Human Resources Division at UNC General Administration.

The Forum wishes Brody success in his new role.

Read more in the University Gazette.

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