Employee Forum Committee Structure

The Executive Committee is comprised of one representative from each electoral Division of the Forum. It makes representative decisions for the Forum in emergency situations, develops monthly agendas for the entire Forum, annually reviews the Forum Guidelines, and recommends motions to the Forum. This committee will handle planning for the twice-annual community meetings and selection of recipients of the Forum Community Award (Three-Legged Stool). The Executive Committee is elected at the June retreat.

Carolina Campus Community Garden: This committee works to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the Carolina Campus Community Garden.

Communications and Public Relations Committee: This committee continues publication of InTouch, the Forum’s monthly newsletter, and maintenance of the Forum’s website. The committee also works to increase coverage of Forum issues in local and state-wide media.

Education and Career Development Committee: This committee develops policy for the Educational Assistance Program and recommendations to the Forum about use of the Staff Training and Development Fund. The committee also develops recommendations about programs for Employee training and development and serves as an advisory Committee to the Human Resources Training and Development department.

Membership & Assignments Committee: This committee replaces the Nominating, Orientation and University Assignments committees. This committee handles solicitation of employees to run for office as Forum delegates, Forum elections, and orientation of newly elected delegates. The committee also solicits employees to serve on various University committees. The committee creates one larger database to serve these different functions in cooperation with the Forum Assistant.

Personnel Issues Committee:

Recognition and Awards Committee: This committee continues to review annually existing recognition and awards programs and recommend modifications and new programs to the Forum as appropriate. This committee coordinates activities for the annual Forum peer recognition awards program. The committee will also assist this fall in the selection of the Three-Legged Stool Award.

Previous Forum Chairs Committee: This committee is composed of previous Forum chairs and is convened at the pleasure of the current chair.

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