Staff Assembly: SB575 information gathering and Conflict of Interest proposal

January 20, 2012

The combined Staff Assembly Executive Committee and Chairs Committee Meeting on January 24th is scheduled to discuss the information gathering.  They have scheduled 1.5 hours for a “Working session for the best practices and principles for the proposed BOG authority” and 30 minutes for open discussion.

In the afternoon, the entire Staff Assembly meets.  Included in the meeting materials is a proposed conflict of interest policy and interest disclosure form.  For more information, go to the Staff Assembly website at  (click on Meetings, 2012, January 24th, meeting materials).  BTW, this site is well designed to look up agendas and meeting minutes.

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Permission Granted: the need for a UNC System Personnel Advisory Board

January 19, 2012

Here’s an idea thrown out for consideration.   First, let’s assume for a moment, permission has been granted to create a separate HR system for the UNC system.

Let us also assume employee rights are protected in accordance with the good intentions of President Ross and Employee Forum Resolution 11-03 (res1103final).

The Staff Assembly (SA) has collected information from campus staff organizations. UNC General Administration (GA) received the recommendations from the SA and other constituents, created a new HR system and submitted the proposal to the Board of Governors (BOG).  After a review, the BOG approves the proposed HR system.  We are off running in a separate UNC HR system.

Now what happens when revisions are proposed or grievances are escalated beyond individual campuses?

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Voices of the help: Domestic Workers tell their stories (

January 13, 2012

Voices of the help: Domestic Workers tell their stories


Editor’s note: The conventional myth is that America is a classless society. The reality, however, is that a person’s worth–and often their intelligence–is judged on how they earn a paycheck. There’s a loose, vague pecking order in society that needs to be challenged.  We should focus on those things that we have in common; not the things that make us different.

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