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Authorized Work Time Allowances Forum Delegates And Officers August 2012

Forum delegates are authorized to attend certain Forum activities and designate that time as work time in accordance with the following guidelines:

The following activities may be considered work time:

  •  One monthly meeting
  • One monthly executive committee meeting
  •  One monthly committee meeting
  • Two community meetings/year

Delegates are required to request and obtain approval in advance from their supervisors to attend the Forum activities specified above using the approval process already in place in their assigned work unit. Supervisors are encouraged to approve such requests when they do not unduly interfere with the activities of the organizational unit.

The maximum work time for the activities described above depends upon the role on the Forum. The Chair, Vice Chair, and other Executive Committee members are allocated additional time in recognition of the increased responsibilities and time requirements of these roles. Managers should anticipate the following maximum work time allowance:

  • Up to eight hours/month for delegates
  • Up to ten hours/month for Executive Committee members, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian
  • Up to twenty hours/month for Chair

Work time spent attending Forum activities must be recorded as such in the Time Information Management (TIM) System. Instructions will be forwarded separately.

These guidelines will be communicated regularly to Forum delegates in Forum meetings and/or in new delegate orientation.

Click here to download a .pdf version of this policy.

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