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The Office of Human Resources has recently developed a questionnaire for housekeeping staff to elicit feedback on supervisors. The questionnaire will contain ten specific questions targeted at gathering constructive criticism about how managers can improve relations with staff members. HR staff will be on hand to administer and answer questions about the questionnaire.

According to Brenda Malone, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, the questionnaire is part of a pilot project that could be implemented across campus if it is successful. The feedback received on the questionnaire could be used for professional development for managers and supervisors. The feedback, however, will not affect managers’ performance evaluations.

Managers will also be given the opportunity to fill out a self-evaluation and compare the results with feedback obtained from housekeeping staff. Malone believes that administering the two questionnaires will allow managers to identify aspects of their managerial style that could be improved, as well as places where they currently excel.

When Malone presented the pilot to members of the Employee Forum at their February 6th meeting, some expressed the desire for the evaluations to become available to the rest of campus so that so that any developmental areas could be consistently identified. Malone stated that if the pilot is successful in the housekeeping department, OHR will consider trying it in other departments.

The questionnaires are expected to be administered in the next few weeks.



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