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Due to recent events and campus conversations surrounding sexual assault, there has been misinformation circulating about how sexual assault cases are handled here at UNC-Chapel Hill. I urge you to read the resources linked from this page in order to get an accurate understanding of how sexual assault cases are handled.

The Executive Branch of Student Government has recently produced this FAQ on their website to address misinformation about the student-led Honor System and sexual assault. This page explains that in April 2011, the Department of Education sent a “dear colleague” letter to universities requiring that the burden of proof in sexual assault cases be changed to “preponderance of the evidence.” Because the Honor System’s burden of proof is “beyond  a reasonable doubt,” the university chose to take sexual assault cases out from under the Honor System and use a different process for hearing those cases.

The revised policies and procedures for handling sexual assault cases are available here. For additional resources, please visit


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