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Brody, left, receives a few small gifts from Charles Streeter, right, at the January meeting of the Employee Forum. Photo courtesy of Katie Turner.

This month, the Forum said farewell to one of its major partners and collaborators, Matt Brody. Brody has served in many human resource-related positions at Carolina since 2002, and most recently he held the position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Over the years, he has helped to guide the Forum’s work by giving updates to the delegates and receiving feedback from UNC staff.

Brody has seen the university go through many transitions, from times when the staff received relatively generous raises to more recent budgetary struggles. In 2013, when former Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Brenda Malone left the university to take a position at Georgetown University, Brody acted as interim vice chancellor until a replacement was found.

Brody’s partnership with the Forum and his diplomacy when handling difficult issues has made him an asset to the staff at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Charles Streeter, chair of the Employee Forum, said that “Brody presents difficult communication with tact and a disposition that does not leave others feeling insulted or degraded. One may not agree with a policy or response to an issue but Brody will do his best to make sure there is an understanding as to why the policy exists or response was given.”

In 2012, Brody won the prestigious C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards for “unusual, meritorious or superior contribution[s] made by an employee.” He has accepted a position in the Human Resources Division at UNC General Administration.

The Forum wishes Brody success in his new role.

Read more in the University Gazette.

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