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Greetings and Happy New Year,

Hopefully you had a restful winter holiday break and started 2015 with lots of vigor. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from your Employee Forum delegation, and I wanted to give a brief update on what the Forum has planned for 2015.

First and foremost, is the overhaul of our website by Katie Turner, our PR guru and chair of the Communication and Public Relations (CPR) Committee. The CPR committee will also release our inTouch newsletter each month,in digital format. The first issue of the year will be released later this week.

In the latter part of the fall semester, the Employee Forum voted to become the primary facilitators for the Carolina Family Need-Based Scholarship and next month we will begin work on transitioning responsibility over to our Education and Career Development (ECD) Committee. Other planned events and activities are listed below:

Events and Activities

Event Month Committee
Rollout of Professional Development Grants February Education and Career Development
Careers in Higher Education for Staff Panel March Education and Career Development
Elections March Membership and Assignments
Tour of the Community Garden April Community Garden
Notary Public Classes April/May Executive Committee
Peer Recognition Awards May Recognition and Awards
Carolina Blood Drive June Blood Drive
Monthly Book Discussions Monthly Book Club
inTouch Monthly Communications and Public Relations
Social Media Classes Various CPR/ECD


You will find more information and specific dates for the events and activities listed above in our inTouch newsletter.


We remain focused on the parking issue which arose in August. Other conversations we are having include: changes to the Adverse Weather policy, articulating criteria for the next President of the Institution, and the 2013 data breach. Our Personnel Issues committee is also working on a white paper . . .

Michael Highland, the Vice Chair, is planning our Spring Community meeting. Community meetings are your opportunity to hear from University Administrators on a number of relevant and current topics, ask questions, and get feedback. More information on the Spring Community meeting will be provided in March.

If there are other issues you are interested in the Employee Forum looking into, please let us know.

Stay in Touch with the Employee Forum

Attend an Employee Forum Meeting

We want to see and hear from you! The Employee Forum usually meets on the first working Wednesday of each month from 9:15a.m. -11:30 a.m. in the Pleasants Family Assembly room of the Wilson Library. Wheelchair access to the building is at the east entrance, which faces the Undergraduate Library. The meeting is open to all University employees. Attendance at one of our regular monthly meetings does not count as work time, so you will need to speak with your supervisor about being out of the office.

All of our meetings can be found on the Employee Forum calendar at

Join the Employee Forum

We have a number of vacant seats in various divisions and if you are interested in representing the staff and bringing forth issues on their behalf, let us know. You can become an appointed delegate for one year. Send an email to the Employee Forum at

Give Feedback!

If you’re not able to attend a meeting, you can always submit questions or issues to us via our website at

How to Keep Up with Us

You can contact the Employee Forum and keep up with us and what we are doing by:

Look for our inTouch newsletter later this week. I hope you have a successful spring semester and I’ll see you soon.


Charles D. Streeter
Chair, Employee Forum of UNC-Chapel Hill

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