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by Tammy Cox, Employee Forum treasurer

Don’t wait until February to enjoy libraries with their rich resources for knowledge and entertainment. Here on campus, your One Card is the key to any of the many libraries available to staff, students and faculty.
During Employee Appreciation Day, the UNC Libraries table provided handouts with “10 Great things to do right here at your library.” Listed below are 10 of the ways to enjoy the offerings:

1. Check out recent best sellers from the browsing collection
2. Borrow DVDs, CDs, language learning CD,s audiobooks, cameras, Wiis, and iPads
3. Find sheet music for your singing group
4. Scan your family photos
5. Take home a children’s book
6. Research that big purchase in Consumer Reports before you make it
7. Read up before your vacation with travel guides
8. Take in an exhibit about NC history
9. Research your family history
10. Visit Mount Everest or the moon via Liquid Galaxy

Today is a great day to stock up on books or movies to entertain you when the weather is less than spectacular. Or even better, grab some travel guides to plan a trip for the sunny days ahead.

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