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Welcome to the Career Corner! This new column explores questions you may have about how to pursue professional development opportunities or advance your UNC career. We’ll address things like how to dress in a professional setting, getting the mentoring you need, and taking advantage of HR’s Training and Development opportunities. We’ll also interview staff leaders across campus to learn how they got to their positions and to get their advice for success at UNC. Every column will also include a series of quick tips or links to great career resources, like this issue’s “An Introduction to Tutorials.” is an online database of tutorials for professional and personal development, and students and employees have free access through UNC’s portal It includes a business section that covers everything from making the most of Outlook to communicating leadership through body language to mastering Excel. Here are some of the courses available to you:

1. Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text
2. WordPress Essentials Training (plus bonus web design recommendations!)
3. Excel 2013 Essential Training
4. Humor in the Workplace
5. Personal Finance Fundamentals

We want to hear from you! If you have a topic you’d like the Career Corner to cover or if you have an article that you think your colleagues across UNC should read, share it with us in the comments section below.

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