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On April 27, Employee Forum Chair Charles Streeter sent an email to all staff on campus encouraging them to thank their administrative professionals in honor of Administrative Professionals Day. He also asked that departments tweet out pictures of their administrative professionals so we could also thank them. We were overwhelmed with tweets and gratitude for all the hard working administrators we have on our campus. Here are some of the many tweets we received:

We received a shout out to the “rockstars” in UNC’s housekeeping department: Nancy Burton, Jewel Golson-Roberts and Juanelle Bartlett. They keep your work orders moving through the system and provide excellent service with a smile!

Victoria Dowd in the Ombuds Office receives a gift of appreciation from her coworkers.

Dr. Belinda Locke, coordinator for assessment & strategic planning in Student Affairs, thanked Cornelia Burch for all of her wonderful work. Ms. Burch is also a safety coordinator for Carr Building and is known for being well-stocked with supplies and ready for any emergency.

Ashley Langley shows her appreciation for Administrative Assistant Faye Fogelman. Both work at the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program (NC AHEC), a program that works to improve the health of North Carolinians, especially underserved populations.

School of Public Health Admissions Coordinator Johnston King thanked Business Services Manager Natiaya Neal with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Check out this neat animated greeting from UNC Academic Advising!

Here’s another great tweet from Dr. Locke with the administrative team in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. 

Last but not least, the award for the best Administrative Professionals Day celebration goes to the School of the Nursing!!!* Thanks to Anne Webb for this fun photo collage!

*We don’t actually have a prize for the best celebration, but maybe next year. In the meantime, don’t forget to thank your administrative professionals all year round.

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