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The new 2-Step Verification process gives you anytime, anywhere access to your W-2 form while protecting you from the endless phishing scams that attempt to steal your online information. But it’s only a valuable service if people use it, so register today! It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

UNC Finance receives multiple requests for print W-2 forms year-round. With 2-Step Verification, you can access your W-2 whenever you want or need it without delay. What’s more, it helps the University go green.


What is 2-Step Verification?

2-Step Verification adds a second layer of security to sensitive information. Once you have registered, you’ll log in to ConnectCarolina same as always. But to access your W-2, you will need to respond to a special access code sent to your mobile phone, tablet, or landline phone. Basically, 2-Step Verification proves that you are you. So, even if a phisher has managed to get your Onyen credentials, he will not be able to access your W-2 form (with your Social Security number) without actually having the device you registered with 2-Step.

Many Carolina employees are already using 2-Step Verification for bank accounts, credit cards or personal email accounts. If you have ever received a code sent to your phone before you can sign in to an account, you have used 2-Step Verification!

The University’s service is powered by Duo Security, a proven solution already in use by many universities around the country – including UC Berkeley, Boston University, Ohio State and Virginia Tech.

Where can I find more information?


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