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Frances Dancy Burton of the Carolina Population Center utilized Community Service Leave to volunteer at the Durham Homeless Shelter in early December 2016. She has been volunteering each quarter over the last twenty years with her choir.

“We always purchase and prepare a home cooked meal and serve anywhere from 200 to 350 or more meals each time we go.  Our choir funds this project ourselves as part of our mission service.  Earlier before learning about the Community Service leave, I used at least 2 hours vacation time to leave early to prepare these meals.  The Community Service leave has been very helpful to me to use for this purpose.  It gives me so much pleasure to serve and see the smiles on the faces of those that are being served.  The need has grown so much over the years and no longer do I see mostly men as I did early on, but now there are just as many families as well as single women and children.  There are many hungry people out there!”

Photos courtesy of Frances Dancy Burton

Frances Burton on the left in the maroon sweater
Frances Dancy Burton (maroon sweater), a UNC Staff member for the Carolina Population Center, mixing a salad to serve with the meal prepared for the Durham Homeless Shelter on Friday, December 9, 2016.


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