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Community Service Committee (CSC) Planning Report (2017-2018)



Employee Forum Delegates: Katie Musgrove (Chair), Kewana Smith, Bonita Brown, Ricky Roach (Blood Drive Liaison), Jim Potts, Alyssa LaFaro, Heather Lewis, Rich Wright, Arlene Medder (CCCG Liaison)

Non-Delegate Members: Kim Allen, Princetta Watkins, Korie Sawyer, Lisa Geeslin, Rachel Pittman, Steven Bodeen, Crystal Ebert, Dori Brady, Krista Latta, Barry Ramsey, Tarah Burnette, Teresa Scaggs, Taylor Howard, Mark Atherton, Hope Woodhouse, Linda Roberts, Valerie Hooker, Ashley Jacobs, Michele Fulton, Shelley Gist, Tanya Jisa, Allison Rorie, Kelly Cook


Goals/Plans (Committee will meet the 1st Wednesday of each Month (following the wider EF Delegate Meeting) to plan/arrange the following):


  • Development of a Community Service Leave (CSL) Promotional Campaign in conjunction with OHR to advance the use of CSL by UNC Staff (details below)
  • Continue to serve as support for the Blood Drive and Carolina Campus Community Garden Committees (wider UNC committees which are considered subcommittees of the Community Service Employee Forum Committee)
    • Assist in volunteer recruitment, fundraising, and event planning
    • Ricky Roach- Blood Drive Liaison
    • Arlene Medder- CCCG Liaison
  • InTouch Publications each month to announce upcoming service opportunities & UNC Staff CSL stories (produced by Chair)


In conjunction with…


  • Cultivation of specific programs/events through UNC Employee Forum
    • Proposed ideas for 2017-2018 planned/sponsored event each quarter (4 per year)
      • Partnership with Million Meals Challenge: Special Food Drive Events Sponsored and Staffed by Community Service Committee/Employee Forum at two UNC Football Games (1 Employee Appreciation Game, 1 Military Appreciation Game), two UNC Basketball Games (2 Employee Appreciation Games), as well as a donation bin at Employee Appreciation Day
        • Project Leads: Allison Rorie, Jim Potts, Linda Roberts (Military Appreciation Game),
      • Toy Drive for UNC Children’s Hospital (Winter)
      • Habitat for Humanity Employee Forum Sponsored Group Event (Spring)
        • Project Leads: Ashley Jacobs, Heather Lewis
      • Staff Volunteers at UNC Dance Marathon (Spring)
      • Publicizing Special Olympics of Orange County via the InTouch (Throughout the year)
        • Project Lead: Jim Potts


  • Help to Develop/Enhance UNC website’s ’Public Service’ section/ Implement CSL Promotional Campaign with OHR
    • Include information within the website informing UNC Faculty/Staff how to go about planning/executing their community service activity, whether it be an individual/group experience and whether it be a one time, short term or even long term volunteer experience
    • In conjunction with representatives from Carolina Center for Public Service, work to produce these FAQ’s, How to’s and beginners guides to prepare people to choose and then participate in various volunteer/community service opportunities
    • Work with OHR to produce a Community Service Leave (CSL) Promotional Campaign mirroring the campaign produced by UNC Wilmington (Working with Carolina Center for Public Service and OHR to produce and implement this promotional campaign)
      • Project Leads: Katie Musgrove, Dori Brady, Kim Allen


  • Important Contacts/Partners for our CSC Endeavors
  • Kim Allen, Carolina Center for Public Service
  • Greg Smith, InTouch Spotlight
  • Brandy Flickinger, Shauna Stackhouse, Kathy Bryant, OHR
  • Shayna Hill, Employee Forum Chair
  • Matt Banks, Employee Forum Assistant



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