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Good afternoon.  I am currently serving my second year as the Chair of the Employee Forum.  The first year of anything is just crazy, like jumping on a moving train.  After the first year the challenges usually become clearer.

Does Carolina have challenges?  Yes, of course we do.  But, I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to help staff navigate these challenges.

And, as Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I wanted to say Thank You.  Thank you for engaging Staff in the conversation surrounding the confederate monument.  The process was both thought-provoking and painful, both needed ingredients for developing leadership.  Thank you for the opportunity to grow in my role as a staff leader.

Please allow me to share my perspectives on the process.  Staff are passionate.  Staff are deeply committed to helping heal.  Staff are what unites us, as they reside in the places in the middle, pulling people and ideas together to find common ground and solutions.

Normally I bring you pictures and stories of the many service-efforts staff employees contribute to the University.  But, today is different.  I have no pictures.  So, I have written you a poem.

I bring you “Arts Everywhere” courtesy of the Employee Forum.

The poem is entitled “Light”

A treasured object falls and cracks,

the pieces on the ground.

I wonder how I’ll mend this break,

my treasure once so sound.

My first response, to mourn and ask,

will mind and heart rebound?

I dig for strength, for hope and light,

to find it’s all around.

The cracks made bold the light within,

with fierce and binding heat,

to marry piece to piece again,

the gift of light complete.


Lux Libertas


By Shayna Hill

Remarks to UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees

November 14, 2018

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