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Candidate Slate for 2021 Employee Forum Delegate Elections

with Links to Candidate Biographical Sketches

(as of May 5, 2021)

Welcome to the 2021 Employee Forum elections!  The annual Employee Forum elections give you an opportunity to have a voice in shared governance and make an impact on issues affecting staff across the university.

Voting begins today and closes on Wednesday, April 21st, 2020 at 2 p.m. To be sure that your ballot is counted, please observe the deadline.

You as a University employee should have received a unique ballot reserved only for you. That email is the only way that you can vote. If you did not receive the email and have checked your spam folder, please write for assistance.

Candidate information is provided within the ballot linked from the email. For each candidate you will see the name(s) of the people running, and their years of service. On the next screen, you will be given the option to vote. You may use the back arrow to return to a previous page and the forward arrow to move to the next. You will not be able to change any of your votes once you have completed the survey and submitted your ballot.

Division 1: EHRA Non-Faculty
Randall Borror2021 - 2023
Michael Case2021 - 2023
Phil Edwards2021 - 2023
Manisha Mittal2021 - 2023
Kevin Robinson2021 - 2023
Jake Stallard2021 - 2023
Alice Whiteside2021 - 2023
Division 2: SHRA Service/Maintenance
James Stamey2021 - 2023
Timothy Carville2021 - 2023
Division 3: SHRA Skilled Craft
Todd Hux2021 - 2022Appointed
Anthony Lindsey2021 - 2023
Danielle Wingler2021 - 2023
Division 4: SHRA Administrative Support - Academic Affairs
Laura Pratt2021 - 2023Tie for seat
Mandy Melton2021 - 2023Tie for seat
Jacob Womack2021 -2022Appointed
Division 5: SHRA Administrative - Support Health Affairs
Stephanie Forman2012 - 2022Appointed
Natasha Hanks2021 - 2023
Mary King2021 - 2022Appointed
Sara Pettaway2021 - 2023
Division 6: SHRA Administrative Support - Other Units
Keith Hines2021 - 2022Appointed
Arlene Medder2021 - 2022Appointed
Sarah Smith2021 - 2023Tie for seat
Matthew Teal2021 - 2022Appointed
Karen Webster2021 - 2023
Division 7: SHRA Technical
Elizabeth Dubose2021 - 2023
David Bragg2021 - 2023
Brigitte Ironside2021 - 2023
Amber Meads2021 - 2023
Joseph Nwonsu Farley2021 - 2023
Division 8: SHRA Professional
Shane Brogan2021 - 2022Appointed
Vanessa Concha2021 - 2022Appointed
Shayla Evans-Hollingsworth2021 - 2023
Emma Dehne2021 - 2023
Jaci Field2021 - 2022Appointed
Adrianne Gibilisco2021 - 2023
Shayna Hill2021 - 2023
Kira Jones2021 - 2022Appointed
Haydée Marchese2021 - 2022Appointed
Katie Musgrove2021 - 2023
Joseph Ormond2021 - 2022Appointed
Janice Singletary2021 - 2022Appointed
Janet Steele2021 - 2022Appointed
Antonio Squire2021 - 2022Appointed
Tracey Wiley2021 - 2022Appointed
Michael Williams2021 - 2022Appointed
Division 9: Exec/Admin/Managerial
Sharron Bouquin2021 - 2023
Jen DeNeal2021 - 2023
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