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Resolution 2021-02 Honoring Shayna Hill


August 4, 2021

WHEREAS, it is appropriate and fitting for the Employee Forum to recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in service to the University community, so as to encourage similar achievement among the remainder of the community’s members; and

WHEREAS, Shayna Hill, the Employee Forum’s 15th Chair, has served the University and this Forum in an exemplary fashion during her time in office, serving as treasurer her first year on the Forum from 2016-2017 and as Chair for four years from 2017-2021; and,

WHEREAS, she has led the Forum through difficult discussions and decisions on a multitude of issues, including, but not limited to, the disposition of the Confederate Monument, the University’s handling of the COVID pandemic and the protection of campus employees during that pandemic, and the concurrent expectation of University budget restructuring; and,

WHEREAS, she has solidified the Forum’s stature within the University through implementation of the regular Chancellor’s and Provost’s roundtables, bi-monthly Vice Chancellor representatives’ meetings, regularly held Town Halls, the Forum’s 25th Anniversary Event, the restored position of the Forum on the University organizational chart, and the secured upgrades of Forum office facilities and staff support; and,

WHEREAS, she has led, overseen, and stewarded initiatives of the Forum to broaden its reach and mission, including, but not limited to, the Forum’s award-winning Get Out the Vote project; the creation of the Forum’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee; and the creation of important reports to the Administration such as the “Effects of COVID-19 on the Employees of UNC-Chapel Hill and Recommendations for Senior Leaders”; and

WHEREAS, after years of discussion, she achieved formal implementation for the Rebecca Clark Staff Award for Moral Courage, the first award recognizing staff contributions awarded during University Day festivities; and

WHEREAS, she has extended herself while Forum Chair to serve as co-chair of the Chancellor’s Campus and Community Advisory Committee, chair of the newly created Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor, and as Vice Chair of the UNC System Staff Assembly; and,

WHEREAS, she has cultivated a strong partnership between the Employee Forum and the Faculty Council, with the first joint meetings between the two bodies taking place during her tenure as chair, along with increased collaborative efforts to address matters of joint faculty and staff concern on campus; and,

WHEREAS, she always has her finger on the pulse of the University, local and national news, community action, and employee concerns; and,

WHEREAS, she has continually advocated for the needs of housekeeping, facilities and other frequently overlooked essential employees of the University; and,

WHEREAS, she has been a tireless and invaluable mentor to multiple Employee Forum Officers and Delegates; and

WHEREAS, she has “lead with heart” throughout her tenure, with empathy, grace, compassion and tenacity; and

WHEREAS, her work was formally recognized by the Faculty Council in Resolution 2021-6, along with numerous university awards, including the C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Award, the Kay Wijnberg Hovious Outstanding Employee Forum Delegate Award, the Star Heel Award, among others; now, therefore, be it…

RESOLVED that the Employee Forum hereby confers Lifelong Honorary Delegate status upon Shayna Hill, along with an open invitation to attend and participate in future deliberations of this body.


Signed on behalf of the Delegates of the Employee Forum,

Katie Musgrove, Chair

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