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  • Division 1 (EHRA Non-Faculty): Tracy Wetherby Williams, Evan Marsh
  • Division 2 (SHRA Service/Maintenance):
  • Tyrone Williams, James Holman
  • Division 3 (SHRA Skilled Craft): Todd Hux
  • Division 4 (SHRA Administrative Support, Academic Affairs): Tiffany Carver
    • (Offered Appointments)Lori Shamblin, Mandy Melton, Jacob Womack
  • Division 5 — (SHRA Administrative Support, Health Affairs): Julie Theriault, Mary King
    • (Offered Appointment)Stephanie Forman
  • Division 6 — (SHRA Administrative Support, Other Units): Leah Hefner
    • (Offered Appointments)Charlissa Rice, Matthew Teal, Arlene Medder, Stacy Keast, David Michaud
  • Division 7 (SHRA Technical): Annetta Streater, Langston Harrison
  • Division 8 (SHRA Professional): Theresa Silsby, Keith Hines, L.E. Alexander, Jaci Field, Shane Brogan, Kira Jones, Joseph Ormond
    • (Offered Appointments)Janice Singletary, Michael Williams, Jessica Hill, Ta’Keyah Holder, Janet Steele, Janet O’Hara, Lonnie Hawley (write-in candidate***), Vanessa Blake, Chrissie Greenberg
  • Division 9 (Exec/Admin/Managerial): Jay Eubank,
    • (Offered Appointments)Rebecca Howell (write-in candidate***)

*** Write-in candidates are not declared candidates. They must be contacted and agree to serve.

Elected delegates: congratulations on winning your two-year elected term.

Appointed and write-in candidates: If you are listed as being offered a one-year appointment, please write me back directly at to indicate your acceptance of this appointment as soon as you can. We need you.

Write-in candidates: Please, also fill out the nomination information form. Finally, please send an email which contains an attestation from your supervisor that you are allowed to serve on the Forum.


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