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Employee Forum Candidate Biographical Sketches

(Electoral divisions based on federal job categories)


EHRA Non-Faculty Candidates (Division 1)


Evan Marsh
7 years of State Service
Student Systems Manager
School of Medicine IT

Over a decade of service in IT has brought me to be an expert in the Educational IT World. I have helped the School of Medicine implement several key systems to insure the school continues to run efficiently and effectively.


Tracy Wetherby Williams
19.25 years of State Service
Privacy Analyst
Information Technology, School of Medicine

I have served on the Employee Forum for 4 years and currently serve as the Employee Forum Treasurer.  Advocacy for UNC-CH staff is important.  Working with the Employee Forum team is a fantastic experience.  One voice is audible.  However, many voices can be heard.  I would like to continue to help UNC-CH staff to be heard.


Service/Maintenance Candidates (Division 2)


James Holman
17 years of State Service


Tyrone Williams
8 years of State Service
Zone Manager
Facilities Service Housekeeping

My name is Tyrone Williams, I started here at the University on November 2017 as a housekeeper in Zone 218 (Ehringhaus and Hinton James residents hall. During my time here I worked diligently to share my experience and wealth of knowledge with my co workers and management staff. Always ensuring that I made myself available to service the needs of our customers. My greatest achievement thus far was during the Covid-19 pandemic , I volunteered to work in the isolation buildings that housed the Covid-19  patients and the patients whom had been in contact with someone whom had it. This was before there was talk or even any headway of producing a vaccine. I felt that it was my responsibility to step up and lead the way , because God had me covered. And for 18 months I entered the buildings multiple times performing tasks and conversated with the students to ensure that they focused on getting better, Not once did i ever test positive for contracting the virus.


Skilled Craft Candidate (Division 3)


Todd Hux
27.75 years of State Service
Building Coordinator
Med Ad-Planning Office

Before joining the Med School Planning department two months ago, I spent roughly 27 years working at Facilities Services. I started out in the Grounds department in the Forestry Department, before working at The P.E. Work Center, supporting student classes and Women’s Basketball to name a few. I spent the last 24 years in the Refrigeration shop supporting all aspects of campus A/C issues. I was recently hired at The School of Medicine Planning Department as a building coordinator, over seven buildings on South campus. I have been happily married to my wife Tammy for 27 years now, and with my son Mason at N.C State University, and my daughter Molly here at UNC- Chapel Hill, I may have a few years left at the University. I have been elected several times, and appointed by several past Forum Chairmen/Chairwomen before to serve on the Forum.


Administrative Support (Academic Affairs) Candidates (Division 4)


Tiffany Carver
15 years of State Service
Administrative Support Specialist
School of Social Work

My name is Tiffany Carver and I am a Tar Heel! I’m a wife, mother of a beautiful daughter, and full-time employee here at UNC. I’ve worked at the University since February 2007. I’m also an alum of Carolina and truly embrace the “Carolina Way.” I love working on this campus and currently work in the Office of Academic & Student Affairs at the School of Social Work and proudly serve as the Forum’s current secretary. I really appreciate the experiences and connections established through being a forum delegate. I recognize the important work that the Forum does and my interest in advocacy work drives my interest in being part of the forum so that I may help better the experience that employees (especially staff) have working for UNC. Being more engaged in the University community is something that I strive to do and I feel the Forum provides lots of opportunities to do so.


Mandy Melton
3.5 years of State Service
Admin Support Associate
Chemistry (318300)


Lori Shamblin
8 years of State Service
Executive Assistant to the Chair

I have worked in the field of higher education since 2009, first at George Washington University, and now UNC-CH. I believe that giving back in service is important, and for staff it is crucial because we are our own best advocates. I served as a Staff Ambassador at GW, a Safe Zone Facilitator here, and I currently serve on the Dean’s Staff Diversity Advisory Committee. I am as passionate about my work as I am my service to the community.


Jacob Womack
2.5 years of State Service
Setup Coordinator

Jacob is currently the Chair of the Community Service Committee and also serves as the Parliamentarian for the Employee Forum. Deeply committed to representing everyone and with an ethos of service Jacob has made it a point to speak for those under represented even if those points of view differ from his own. We are stronger because of our differences, not in spite of them.


Administrative Support (Health Affairs) Candidates (Division 5)


Stephanie Forman
4 years of State service
Executive and Special Projects Assistant
Gillings School of Public Health

Stephanie Forman, J.D. has worked at UNC in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, Dept of Health Policy and Management, for 4 years. In that time she has served on the Forum’s Personnel Issues Committee for 3 years, and Co-Chaired it for 2 of them, as well as the Committee on the Status of Women and the Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor. She was awarded the Gillings Staff Excellence Award in 2019 and the Health Policy Management staff excellence award in 2020.


Mary King
26 years of State Service
Operations Coordinator for UNCL Cancer Network
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center


Julie Theriault
4 years of State Service
Assistant to the Chair
Maternal and Child Health

Julie Theriault is the administrative assistant to the Chair in the Department of MCH in the Gillings SPH.  She has worked for UNC for 4 years. Julie is dedicated to improving experiences of staff in her department, school, and university.  Julie was awarded the 2021 Gillings Staff Excellence Award, recognizing staff whose work demonstrates impact and focus on the core values of the school, including personal integrity, inclusion, innovation, adaptability, accountability, and collaboration. Previously, Julie created and chaired a support group for academic program support coordinators and served as co-lead for her department’s Inclusive Excellence Working Group. She currently facilitates staff meetings and works to advocate for staff to the Chair’s office and school. Julie also serves as a member of the Gillings Inclusive Excellence Council and the Gillings Events Planning Committee, and has been asked to serve on several school-wide search committees for staff.


Administrative Support (Other Areas) Candidates (Division 6)


Jessye Bongiovanni
6 years of State Service
Executive Assistant
Office of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

I have been at UNC for 6+ years now and have served one term on the Employee Forum. I didn’t realize what a passion I had for employee advocacy until I started serving. I love working at Carolina and enjoy making it a better place for us all to work! I also enjoy serving as the Secretary to the Employee Forum Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.


Leah Hefner
15 years of State Service
Firm Order and Receiving Specialist
Resource Acquisitions and Management – University Libraries

I have worked for the University Libraries for 15 years and just completed my first term of service on the Employee Forum. It has been a rewarding experience to engage with staff from other units on campus to address issues of concern as well as learn more about the process for advocating for change. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve another term on the Forum– particularly on the Personnel Issues Committee–to monitor the progress of resolutions that have been passed in addition to contribute to the creation of new ones.


Stacy Keast
4 years of State Service
Administrative Support Specialist
Energy Services – Chilled Water

I am an Administrative Support Specialist in the Chilled Water Department of Energy Services at UNC Chapel Hill, where I manage the acquisition and allocation of materials, review monthly expenditures, oversee budget, aid coworkers in projects and examine safety training records.

I work closely with vendors and fellow colleagues to ensure necessary services and materials are available and regularly initiate the creation of new processes to facilitate efficiency. I help my department produce chilled water to send to campus buildings through coordination, keen interpersonal skills, and dedication.

I’m the mom of an energetic eight-year-old boy, a fan of hockey and the outdoors.


Arlene Medder
22 years of State Service
Administrative Support
Auxiliary Services

Tar Heel born and bred, I was an undergraduate at Carolina and just couldn’t stay away. I came back to work on campus. Worked in various departments around campus as a TarHeel Temp before working in a permanent position. I have served as a Forum delegate for the past few years and love the service opportunities it gives me.


David Michaud
4 years of State Service
Registrar & Program Coordinator
NC Botanical Garden

David Michaud serves as the Registrar and Program Coordinator at the North Carolina Botanical Garden (NCBG). His primary duties involve the coordination and management of adult education programs, which include lectures, hikes, home gardening and nature art classes, and certificate programs. He also serves as the Garden’s “Zoom captain,” moderating virtual and hybrid classes and events. He was born and raised in southeastern Connecticut but relocated to Chapel Hill to attend UNC—and hasn’t looked back since! Previously, he worked part-time as a facility rentals coordinator at NCBG and a band administrator in the Department of Music.


Charlissa Rice
5 years of State Service
Administrative  Support Specialist
Carolina Center for Public Service

Charlissa Rice graduated from North Carolina Central University with a B.A. in sociology. After college she served one term in AmeriCorps, where she served as a sexual assault advocate for the Durham Crisis Response Center. After her term with AmeriCorps, she served a term with N.C. Literacy Corps, who increase the literacy skills of children, adults, adolescents, and English language learners. During her term with N.C. Literacy Corps, Charlissa served as the high school tutorial coordinator for the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools District. She worked closely with Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate Program, and recruited, screened, and trained volunteers in conjunction with the CHCCS Volunteer Office. She also coordinated enrichment activities with Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) and facilitated a community-based tutorial program two nights per week. Before coming to UNC in 2019, Charlissa worked in Undergraduate Admissions at her alma mater. Charlissa is a member of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, a non-profit organization dedicated to community service, enhancing community and cultural consciousness, and promoting and achieving academic excellence. She is also a proud member of the Carolina Black Caucus where she serves on the executive committee as the secretary for the 2021-2024 term.


Matthew Teal
5 years of State Service
University Policy Analyst
Office of Ethics and Policy

My name is Matthew Teal. I am the University’s Policy Analyst and have served on the Forum for two years. I currently serve as a co-chair of the Employee Forum’s Personnel Issues Committee. In that role, I help advocate for all University employees by relaying employee concerns to University leadership and proposing solutions to address those concerns. I would appreciate your vote so I can continue working with all the talented people on the Forum to make the University a better place for everyone.

Technical Candidates (Division 7)


Langston Harrison
3 years of State Service
Program Coordinator

I’m a North Carolina native who loves reading and video games. I grew up in Apex, NC, and went to North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC for my bachelor’s in Biology and again for my master’s in Biological & Biomedical Science. After I graduated I worked as a Research Technician in Jonathan Berg’s lab creating DNA libraries that were then submitted to HTSF for sequencing. Since the pandemic began working as the Program Coordinator for the Program for Precision Medicine in Healthcare (PPMH) that’s multi-departmental and acts as a hub for precision medicine at UNC. I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you!!


Annetta Streater
11 years of State Service
Director of Patient Relations
Adams School of Dentistry, Office of the Dean

I have supported patients and dental students in the Adams School of Dentistry since 2013. As the Director of Patient Relations, I ensure a positive patient experience by investigating and analyzing patient care and responding to patient grievances. By managing the school’s professional liability insurance policy and serving as the policy liaison for the school, I also collaborate with others in quality improvement and managing risk. I supports clinical operations by serving on a number of committees/boards, including the Fee Adjustment Review Board and the CODA Patient Care Services Committee. Previously, I advised dental students on completing their clinical experiences as a Pre-doctoral Patient Care Coordinator. I am a graduate of the University of NC at Chapel Hill where I studied Dental Hygiene (B.S.) and Dental Hygiene Education (M.S.). Professionally, I’ve enjoyed a 34 year career in Dental Hygiene which included educator, board licensure examiner, private practice clinician, public health dental hygienist and community outreach coordinator. I have enhanced my advocacy and leadership skills through training as a Fellow of the N. C. Public School Forum’s Educational Policy Fellowship Program and the Women in Office Institute. Within the School of Dentistry, I’m a Delegate for the Staff Forum and Staff Co-Chair of the Inclusive Excellence Committee. I’m a proud member of the Carolina Black Caucus since 2015 and is currently serving as Membership Co-Chair. I look forward to the opportunity to support all employees by being a staunch advocate, policy maker and change agent.


Professional Candidates (Division 8)


L.E. Alexander
6 years of State Service
Department Manager
Global Studies

I have been an Employee Forum delegate since 2019 and have served as co-char of the Education and Career Development Committee since 2020.  I am currently the department manager of the Curriculum in Global Studies and a member of the College’s Administrative Managers Advisory Committee (AMAC).  Serving on the Forum affords me the opportunity to share the concerns of my colleagues with administrators and others across the University.  I would love to have the opportunity to continue this service and work to expand access to professional development opportunities for employees at UNC.


Shane Brogan
16 years of State Service
Teaching Lab Manager
Physics & Astronomy

Like many of my fellow delegates, I first came to Carolina as an undergraduate student. After gradating with a BS in Physics I began my career in education as the Teaching Lab Manager for the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Along the way I picked up a MS in Materials Science and have been a member of the Employee forum for the past three years, serving on the Communications and Public Relations Committee. Being a member of the Employee Forum has allowed me to be of better service to my fellow staff member and to UNC.


Jaci Field
23.5 years of State Service
Assistant Athletic Director – Capital Projects & Facilities

Jaci Field in ending her first year of service as a delegate on the Employee Forum. She represents Athletics on the forum. She is also the Chair of the Carolina Black Caucus. This has been a valuable way to serve the community. I hope the campus community has benefited from my involvement. Now that I am more familiar with how the Caucus works I am excited about becoming more and more active on committees and creating change with other delegates.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jessica Hill
5.5 years of State Service
Administrative and Clinical Manager
Craniofacial & Surgical Care

Jessi Hill has committed her life to helping others. She is a veteran of the U.S. Army, a former youth football coach, and dedicated the years before coming to UNC to her local school system. Jessi has been married for 14 years and has four children. She manages the UNC Craniofacial Center and Special Care and Geriatric Clinic at the Adams School of Dentistry in collaboration with UNC Health. Jessi was appointed to the Inclusive Excellence Committee in 2020 and has enjoyed serving on several committees during her time at Carolina.

Jessi’s passion is advocating for others and changing the world for the better, one day at a time. She focuses on meaningful and positive impacts for patients, providers, staff, and student learners. Her goal is to create a community that is full of kindness, compassion, integrity, authenticity, humility, and most of all- humanity! Jessi is honored to be nominated as a delegate for the Employee Forum and is looking forward to creating meaningful changes for staff as a delegate. #choosekind


Keith Hines
8.5 years of State Service
Marketing Manager
University Development

Keith is in his fourth year with the University, and during this time, he has served three years on the Employee Forum, of which he is the current vice chair. During his tenure, has has also served on the UNC System Staff Assembly and UNC Student Stores Advisory Committee. Keith has been dedicated to advocating for the well-being of all staff members.


Ta’Keyah Holder
3 years of State Service
Academic Program Support Coordinator
Health Policy and Management

I am Ta’Keyah Holder, an APSC for the HPM department in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. I am born and raised in NC. I earned both my BA and MPA at UNCP. I began my higher education career while in graduate school at UNCP. I most recently did a 5-year tenure at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA before taking my current role here at UNC. At GSU, I was a member of the Staff Council and served on the Community Service Committee, similar to the Employee forum here at UNC.


Kira Jones
2.5 years of State Service
Academic Program Services Coordinator
Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Kira has 9+ years of experience teaching, advising, and mentoring students. She looks forward to continuing her work as a member of the Employee Forum and continuing to help improve the campus community. During the past year, she has served as a Division 8 Delegate, Division 8 Delegate CoChair, an Executive Committee Member, and a Personnel Committee Member. Kira brings a vast skill set, knowledge of student services, and advocacy work to her role as the Academic Program Services Coordinator in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. She meets people where they are, listens to their stories and concerns, and is skilled in advocating for better policies and processes for students, staff, and faculty. In 2017, she received the University of Utah’s Outstanding Academic Advisor award for her work as the Academic Advising Coordinator for the College of Fine Arts. She also has 10+ years of experience working for social, environmental, and economic justice with women’s health nonprofits across the country.


Jane O’Hara
.5 years of State Service
Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
Executive Director for the Arts (Carolina Performing Arts)

I am a mission-driven marketing communications professional leveraging live entertainment, public media and tech startup experience to combine audience-focused strategy and execution with collaborative problem-solving. As a mostly remote worker since 2016 and someone who struggles with work/life balance, I am also committed to fostering happier, healthier workplaces — and using humor, humility and empathy to build strong relationships, promote diversity and drive positive change. As I settle into my new role at Carolina Performing Arts, I would love to help UNC faculty, staff and students feel more energized and inspired in what I see as a pivotal moment.


Joseph Ormond
6.5 years of State Service
HR Specialist
School of Medicine HR

I have worked at UNC for almost 7 years.  During those years, I have interacted with a diverse group of University employees. In 2019, I joined the Employee Forum in order to give voice to the concerns of my peers and improve the University.  That quest continues to this day as an Employee Forum delegate.  The development of professional opportunities for UNC employees is one of my highest priorities, along with ensuring that our university remains a welcoming and valued environment for all.  It is an honor to serve you.


Theresa Silsby
32 years of State Service
Director, Business Systems Help Desk
ITS – Customer Experience and Engagement

I have been an employee for over 25 years and a supervisor for 22 years where 17 years was spent working in central Human Resources at the University.  I started my career as a Processing Assistant IV and now classified as an IT Manager.  I have gained a wealth of experience with HR policy/process and procedures in both my previous role as HR Information Systems Director and my current role of Director of the Business Systems Help Desk where my group’s primary duty is supporting the campus HR and Finance users of ConnectCarolina.


Janice Singletary
8 years of State Service
Business Services Manager
Campus Health

Been with the university for 7 – 8 years total. I started through a temporary service and was hired on as a permanent employee.  I started out in the Student Affairs Hub that served 16 apartments that serve our students here at UNC. I also worked at Carolina Population Center for a short while and then transitioned to Campus Health where I currently work. While in finance I don’t have direct contact with students but I believe I (indirectly) help to provide an important service to our students here at Campus Health. I have served on the Forum for one year and I have really enjoyed it. I did serve on a couple of committees  – Personnel Issues and the Diversity and Inclusion.  I will become more involved this year as I have observed and learned a lot from being on the forum this past year.


Janet Steele
6 years of State Service
Assistant Opeartions Director
Division of Comparative Medicine

I pride myself on working extremely hard in all of my endeavors. I am an easy-going person who is not afraid to accept challenges. I am passionate about Public Outreach in my field of work and enjoy speaking with students about careers.  I am also involved with a few Diversity and Inclusion Committees to ensure that our industry fosters diversity and inclusion for its members and promotes a globally inclusive culture for all.


Michael Williams
12 years of State Service
Network Security Team Lead

Michael has been the Network Security Team Lead in the Information Security Office for several years, and served on ITS Employee Council prior to his service on Employee Forum. He believes staff are the best advocates for their colleagues.


Executive/Managerial Candidate (Division 9)


Jay Eubank
26 years of State Service
Director of Career Services
Hussman School of Journalism and Media

Jay Eubank is a 26-year employee of what is now the Hussman School of Journalism and Media. He is the second full-time career services director for the J-school and started in 1996 when we were located in Howell Hall and had 500 or so students. Today we are in Carroll Hall and have 1,000 students; in my role I advise students on career development and interact regularly with industry partners. My job has given me the opportunity to collaborate with many of the career services professionals on campus. I now want to be more involved in UNC overall and to particularly give a voice to staff in the J-school. I am originally from Memphis, TN and prior to joining UNC, was a political reporter at newspapers in Mississippi and North Carolina. I live in Raleigh, have a great wife and 2 sons, 1 in college and 1 soon-to-be.





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