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Recognition and Awards Committee 2021-2022 Report 

Active committee members: David Bragg, Adrianne Gibilisco, Lonnie Hawley, Arlene Medder, Katie Musgrove, Ayla Ocasio, Kelly Scurlock-Cross, Lori Shamblin, Julie Theriault, Jacob Womack, Matt Banks (non-voting member), Tiffany Carver (Co-chair), Laura Pratt (Co-Chair) 

This committee is responsible for overseeing the annual Peer Recognition Awards. 185 nominations were received for the 2022 awards cycle. The committee selected a total of 13 employees to receive the following awards:  

  • Hall of Famer (Staff Member of the Year) 
  • Consistently exemplifies University’s mission of integrity, collaboration, respect & high-level customer service; been with the University at least 5 years 
    • Awarded to:  
    • Ryan Neve – Earth, Marie, and Environmental Sciences 
    • Pam Morrison – School of Pharmacy 
  • Perfect Addition (Staff Member of Year) 
  • Consistently exemplifies the University’s mission of integrity, collaboration, respect & high-level customer service; been with the University at least 2 years 
    • Awarded to: 
    • Christopher Daley – Renaissance Computing Institute 
    • Crystal Wu – Arts Everywhere  
  • Professional Excellence 
  • Exceptional execution above & beyond assigned duties; supportive interactions within their department and between campus departments; exemplary interaction with the outside community 
    • Awarded to: 
    • Kimi Yingling – Innovate Carolina 
    • Ali Ramirez – Student Affairs, Dean of Students 
    • Stephanie Forman – Health Policy and Management 
    • Susan Pederson – Global Health and Infectious Disease 
  • Overton Leadership Award 
  • Honoring the memory of Jackie Overton, beloved Forum Chair; honoring individuals who lead their unit and the University through involvement in staff issues, committee work, teamwork and professional development of peers; nominees should demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities, inspire and involve others, and work to insure their impact is long-lasting 
    • Awarded to: 
    • Logan Brackett – Biology 
    • Valerie Tan – Allied Health Sciences 
  • Pinnacle 
  • Demonstrated leadership, vision and commitment to excellence; on a path of continuous learning through professional development 
    • Awarded to: 
    • Jennifer DeNeal – Ethics and Policy 
    • Patricia Kinneer – Allied Health Sciences
  • 3-Legged Stool (Community Award) 
  • Awarded to recognize distinguished contributions by an individual promoting collaboration among faculty, staff, and students 
    • Awarded to: 
    • Rob Birrenkott – School of Law 

This committee is also responsible for overseeing the selection of the Rebecca Clark Staff Award for Moral Courage. At the time of writing this report, the 2022 recipient has not been shared publicly. The 2021 recipient, Dr. Patricia Harris from the School of Education, was recognized in October 2021 during the University Day celebration.  

The committee recommends four changes for the 2023 cycle. They are as follows:  

  1. Adjust the nomination form to ask nominators to include as much detail as they can about why they are submitting their nominee for the particular award. They should be asked to provide specific examples of ways in which the nominee carries out the description of the award.  
  1. Adjust the nomination form to ask nominators to submit the department in which their nominee works. This will prevent confusion if there are multiple nominees with the same name.  
  1. Adjust the nomination form to ask nominators if they are okay with the committee sharing their nomination submission with their nominee either anonymously or with their name attached.  
  1. The award description for the “Perfect Addition” was shared widely incorrectly. The description should be corrected to read “been with the University less than 2 years.”