The Kay Wijnberg Hovious Outstanding Employee Forum Delegate Award  recognizes the work of outstanding Employee Forum delegates who go above and beyond the call of duty when performing work on behalf of the Forum. Each year, current Forum delegates may select up to 3 fellow delegates whom they feel deserve to be recognized for their outstanding service.

To be eligible nominees must be active delegates working on behalf of the Forum and have regularly attended a majority of full Forum and committee meetings during the current academic year. Only current Employee Forum delegates are eligible to cast votes and receive this award.

At the March Forum meeting each year, a representative from the Recognition and Awards Committee will inform the Forum about the award and that a vote will be taken by paper ballot at the April Forum meeting. At the April Forum meeting each year, a representative of the Recognition and Awards Committee will distribute one pre-printed paper ballot to each delegate present. Delegates can select up to 3 of their fellow delegates whom they feel are deserving of this award. Delegates will be allowed to vote for themselves. Ballots will be collected by a representative of the Recognition and Awards Committee who will give them to the Forum Assistant for safe keeping. Sometime before the May Forum meeting, the Recognition and Awards Committee will meet with the Forum Assistant to count the ballots and determine the top 3 winners. In the event of a tie, the committee will decide the winners. The committee will inform the Forum Chair of the winners but the results will be sealed until the annual Forum June retreat when the winners will be announced. The winners will receive a framed certificate and their names will be inscribed on an award plaque which will be displayed in the Forum Office. The award carries no monetary value.

Kay Wijnberg Hovious was the first Employee Forum Chair who was instrumental, along with Chancellor Paul Hardin, in establishing an official organization for staff employees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in March 1992.

Past winners

YearFirst nameLast name
2017Shayna Hill
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