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Community Service Committee Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

11:30 AM – 12:30PM

Hitchcock Multipurpose Room, Sonja H. Stone Center


I.  Welcome/Introductions [[11:30-11:40]]

-New Delegate introductions/icebreakers

-Overview of committee charge

II. Community Service Leave Promotion Campaign Update [[11:40-11:45]]

-Rescheduling meeting with OHR to begin promotional campaign in the 2017-2018 academic year

III. Future Collaborations/Event Ideas for 2017-2018 [[11:45-12:15]]

Food Drive Collaboration with Million Meals Campaign

            -Met with Banks Shepherd with Tar Heel Sports Properties on 7/25 (Discussed what worked and what didn’t work with last year’s drive and discussed ideas for collaboration again this year)

-Possible food drive events at Employee Appreciation  & Military Appreciation Football and Basketball games as well as a donation bin at Employee Appreciation Day to contribute to the Million Meals Campaign (which we contributed to last year with our 2 week campus wide food drive)

-Volunteers for Project Leads- Jim Potts, Allison Rorie, Linda Glasco, Katie Musgrove

Habitat for Humanity Collaborations

-Scheduling another build day (next spring?)

-Volunteers for Project Leads- Heather Lewis, Ashley Jacobs

-Thein Oo’s home will be awarded at a ceremony in Fall, 2017

-Home sponsorship for another deserving UNC Staff Member in 2018-2019?

-~$80,000 fundraising necessary to sponsor whole cost

-Could be sponsored by multiple UNC groups?

Toy Drive for UNC Children’s Hospital

            -UNC Children’s hospital reached out to us last year to possibly put on a toy drive prior to the holiday season

-Volunteers for Project Leads?

            -Other Ideas

                        -UNC Staff Volunteers at Dance Marathon (Spring)

                                    -Volunteers for Project Leads: Linda Glasco

-Special Olympics of Orange County Publicizing/Support Throughout the Year

IV.  Update on other business [[12:15-12:25]]

-Blood Drive Update- Ricky Roach

-Date for next blood drive? Strategies for this committee’s involvement

-CCCG Update- Arlene Medder

-Go ahead and plan for an Earth Day workday sponsored by the Forum

V.  Questions/Final Comments [[12:25-12:30]]