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Resolution 19-05, Honoring James B. Holman



December 4, 2019

WHEREAS, the Mission of the Employee Forum is to constructively address the concerns of the Employees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and

WHEREAS, these concerns include the recognition of individuals who have distinguished themselves in service to the University community, and to encourage similar achievement among the remainder of the community’s members; and

WHEREAS, this individual has diligently and repeatedly extended himself to represent the concerns of his coworkers to high-level administrators in Forum discussions; and

WHEREAS, in these discussions, this individual has demonstrated commitment, courage and respect to create a safer and more inclusive environment for Employees of this University; and

WHEREAS, these matters include, but are not limited to, complicated discussions leading to the needed reorganization of Housekeeping Services in 2011-2012; and his work to date beyond the expectations of his position with the UNC Staff Assembly and the State Employees’ Association of North Carolina; and

WHEREAS, this work includes securing the largest donation to date for the UNC Chancellors’ Cup golf tournament in 2019, and the participation of the State Treasurer in a widely praised community meeting on North Carolina State Employees’ health care needs, also in 2019; and

WHEREAS, this individual has exemplified the role of Forum delegate during his time in office, serving others despite physical hardship and professional risk;

THEREFORE, BE IT NOW RESOLVED that the Employee Forum hereby confers lifelong honorary Delegate status upon James B. Holman, along with an open invitation to attend and participate in future deliberations of this body.

Signed on behalf of the Delegates of the Employee Forum

Shayna Hill, Chair

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