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InTouch:  UNC Employee Forum News
Volume 3, Number 7 September 2002

From the Chair, Tommy Griffin…
New Plans for the Future

Hello, friends, fall is just around the corner and a new school year has started with a great beginning. We can thank each other for such a
successful start because as usual the employees here on campus have done a great job. As we travel around campus and see all the changes being made by all of the new construction it lets me know that our lives will be changing on a daily basis. Change is good because it allows us grow and learn new and better things; it lets us know that we have a very positive and bright future here at the University.

There are many new ideas and progressive thoughts that are being developed here on campus. We all are growing and making many new plans for our future. There are going to be many new changes made in our daily lives because of the turmoil and confusion that comes with new construction and new thinking that it takes to develop into the University of the future. We all must learn to accept changes with ease and understanding. We just have to go with the flow until we can get all the problems worked out with the changes that will take place in our daily lives. We all know that these changes will be successful because of all of the hard work and dedication that employees always have and the willingness to get the job done no matter what it takes. We will need to work closer together than we ever have had to in the past in order to secure our future together here at University and throughout the entire State.

If you are not sure about the changes that are taking place don’t be afraid to ask questions and get all the facts that relate to these changes that are taking place . Knowledge is the key to success and understanding. When we understand what’s happening in our lives it makes it much easier to move forward together.

Just as a final thought I want to invite everyone on this campus to University Day on Saturday October 12th. I know we all have things to do on our days off but this is a very important celebration of our history and our future together. This tradition is one that belongs to students, staff and faculty so let us join together and celebrate it with pride and great joy.

See you there. —Chair Tommy Griffin

Community Meeting on Personnel Flexibility Issues Scheduled for Friday, September 13

On Friday, Laurie Charest and Elmira Mangum will discuss the charge to and the composition of the Personnel Flexibility Committee. They will present the recommendations made by the Committee to the Chancellor. Following the presentation there will be an opportunity to clarify any remaining concerns. This is an opportunity for those that have not read the report to be briefed on its content and the procedures used in gathering the information contained in the report. We hope you will come and join in the discussion.


Forum 10-Year Anniversary Reunion Scheduled for Wednesday, October 2

Wednesday, October 2, the Forum will hold its ten year reunion from 9-10:30 a.m. in the lobby of the Wilson Library Assembly Room. All former and current Delegates are invited to attend, and Chancellors James Moeser and Paul Hardin have committed to attend.

Former Delegates and alternates should e-mail Matt at to RSVP. We’ll look forward to seeing you for a morning of fun and catching up on old times. (The Forum’s regular October meeting will take place from 10:30-11:30 a.m. October 2.)

Forum Hears from Senators Kinnaird and Lee

At its September 4 meeting, the Forum heard from State Senators Ellie Kinnaird and Howard Lee, both long-time residents of Orange county, former mayors of Carrboro and Chapel Hill, respectively, and friends of the University, in a vigorous discussion on State employee and University issues. The Forum is most grateful to both of these fine public servants for their appearance during the busy primary season.

Changes to Campus Recycling

Carolina has made some big changes in campus recycling over the past year. We have attempted to make recycling easier and more attractive, and to increase awareness. (website best viewed using Internet Explorer or Netscape6).
Campus recyclng is separated into two main categories…Indoor &Outdoor.

Indoor Recycling
Bins in various locations inside campus buildings – database will soon be on website giving locations of all recycling bins inside buildings.
Office paper – White paper, envelopes(plastic windows ok), post-it’s, gluebound journals, colored paper, carbonless paper, notebook paper, cardstock, manila folders.
Bottles &Cans – Plastic &glass bottles, and aluminum &steel cans.
Newspaper &Magazines – Newspaper, glossy magazines, catalogs, phone books.
We are in the process of re-labeling and replacing indoor recycling bins throughout campus. In the meantime, if you would like to print new labels for your recycling bins, go to…

Outdoor Recycling
Blue carts located behind most campus buildings, and walkway sites located along the campus walkway system.
Bottles &Cans – Plastic &glass bottles, aluminum &steel cans.
Newspaper &Magazines – Newspaper, glossy magazines, catalogs, phone books.
(walkway sites – newspapers only)
Please recycle cardboard in the blue containers located next to trash dumpsters. Please DO NOT trash cardboard! Cardboard is banned from the landfill!! Carolina gets fined if cardboard is mixed with the trash.
Confidential Paper recycling is available to offices and departments. Please see our confidential paper recycling brochure for more information. You can also request a confidental paper pickup via email…
Please look for ways to reuse or donate items that are still useful. Here are some ideas for what to do with office or personal items you no longer need…

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Plans Underway

Planning is well underway for Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities scheduled to take place in October. A group of community agencies and individuals have been working since May to plan for the month. Events include the March for Family Peace and candlelight vigil followed by a reception on Tuesday, October 29, the Silent Witness Exhibit, purple ribbon information card, faith community activities, and more. For more information about these events or to learn about ways to be involved, please call Melissa at the Family Violence Prevention Center of Orange County at (919) 929-3872.

Carolina Women’s Center Expands with Full-Time Assistant Director

The Carolina Women’s Center has named Shelley Golden to the position of Assistant Director. The newly created position is the first full time position at the Carolina Women’s Center (CWC), and reflects the Chancellor’s dedication to the success and growth of the Center. The full time assistant director position compliments a part-time director position, a part time office manager, several graduate assistants, and an active board representing the breadth of the campus community.

“We are lucky to have Shelley Golden join us,” states Diane Kjervik, Director of the Carolina Women’s Center. “Her experience and energy will lead the Carolina Women’s Center into the next phase of growth, establishing its position within the entire Carolina community and expanding its programming to meet the needs of more Carolina women.”


CBT stands for Computer Based Training. It is a hands-on learning experience or tutorial where your computer helps you learn through a self-paced, step-by-step series of instructions. As a UNC staff, student or faculty person you can gain access to 250 different computer-training courses through ATNs connections to SmartForce’s e-Learning web site. The best place to start is On this page you will find links to helpful information about how to get started using the CBTs. You will need an Onyen to login to SmartForce. If you aren’t familiar with Onyens, go here

The first time you login, you will be asked some basic questions about yourself. You will also encounter several security dialog boxes. Once you get logged in the best way to start out is to choose:

  • Browse by Interest, then
  • Technology Skills,
  • Information Core Courses,
  • Computing for Beginners

This will lead you to basic computer and Microsoft Office courses. Under Internet and Intranet Infrastructure you can find basic internet courses as well as web authoring courses.

Clicking on a course title opens a small box with four choices: Launch; Download; Ask my Mentor and Resources. Choosing Launch opens courses online. If you choose Download, you will need to download SmartForce Mobile too. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Ask my Mentor opens a live chat session with a SmartForce support person. The red Live help tab at the top of the page will do this too. Resources leads you to links to articles and websites on you topic.

Downloading a course will mean that you won’t have to login and navigate to your course every time you want to use it and you won’t have to be connected to the internet. The SmartForce installation software will put an entry in your start menu for each course you install. Installation is straightforward. The most difficult part is locating the software once you download, so take notice of where you save it.

These interactive modules can help you learn new computer skills at you own pace. Since they have screen shots of the application you are studying, and hands-on practice sets, you get the sense that you are using it while still in your browser.