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UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum Agenda

9:15 a.m.

Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Wilson Library

NOTE:  This is a draft agenda and is subject to change without advance notice.

I. Call to Order & Opening Remarks—Chair Charles Streeter  (9:15 a.m. – 9:20 a.m.)

  • Open call for announcements and questions for the end of the meeting

II. Welcome to Guests & Members of the Press

III. Approval of March Minutes (Sharepoint Link, Delegate-Only Access)  (9:20 a.m. – 9:25 a.m.)

IV. Special Presentation

  • Erin Kelley, Faculty-Staff Giving Campaign (9:25 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.)

IV. Human Resources Update—Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity, and Engagement Felicia Washington (9:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.)

V.    Old Business  (9:45 a.m. – 10:30a.m.)

  • Current Issues Facing UNC and Statement from the Chair
  • Proposed Resolution 15-02, Concerning Actions of the Board of Governors (first reading)

VI.   New Business  (10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.)

VII. Forum Committees  (11:00 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.)

  • Carolina Blood Drive: Todd Hux
  • Carolina Community Garden Advisory: Arlene Medder
  • Communications and Public Relations: Katie Turner
  • Education and Career Development: Shane Hale
    • Recognition & Awards
  • Membership & Assignments:  Karen Jenkins
  • Personnel Issues:  Yvonne Dunlap
    • Compensation & Benefits:  Chrissie Greenberg/Kelli Raker
    • Legislative Action:  Kirk Montgomery
    • Staff Relations, Policies & Practices:  Everett Deloney/Rocky Riviella
  • UNC System Staff Assembly: Shane Hale/James Holman/Charles Streeter
  • Executive Committee: Charles Streeter (December, January, February minutes)

VIII.  Announcements/Questions  (11:20 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)

IX. Adjournment


April 1, 2015 Employee Forum minutes

Attending (those who signed in):  Jo-Ann Blake, Bonita Brown, Ronald Campbell, Tiffany Carver, Yvonne Dunlap, David Fraley, Christine Greenberg, Shane Hale, Todd Hux, Karen Jenkins, Ronda Manuel, Matt McKirahan, Arlene Medder, Kirk Montgomery, Jackie Overton, Shamecia Powers, Kelli Raker, Kathy Ramsey, Christina Rodriguez, Charles Streeter, Ben Triplett, Katie Turner

Excused Absences:  Deborah Bush, Tammy Cox, Paula Goodman, Samara Reynolds, Tara Smith

                Chair Charles Streeter called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.  He noted that he had spoken briefly with Board of Trustee Haywood Cochrane at the event marking the University’s loan to the Northside community.

                The Chair reported that he, Yvonne Dunlap, and Kirk Montgomery had attended the University’s Legislative Day on March 25.  He appreciated the chance to observe legislative events close up.  He noted the various breakdowns of State spending on higher education, most notably that the State spends 55% of its budget on K-12 and higher education.  He noted that Dunlap and Montgomery spoke to legislators on issues affecting staff retention and their eventual impact on University research.  He noted that concern about the budget’s effect on UNC-Chapel Hill is not defined by party.

                The Chair took a moment to recognize guests and members of the press.  He asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the March meeting.  Kirk Montgomery made this motion, seconded by Jackie Overton.  The motion was approved with five abstentions.

                The Chair welcomed Rebecca Bramlett and Erin Kelley to speak on the University’s spring fundraising drive.  Bramlett noted that private support is necessary to supplement State funding to advance the University from good to excellent.  She said that endowments must grow to keep up with inflation.  She noted that private gifts ensure student access through scholarships and student aid, help the University retain top-notch faculty, and support progressive initiatives across campus.  She noted that the Carolina Covenant had helped over 5,000 student graduate debt-free through distribution of $30 million to these students.  For the thirteenth year in a row, UNC-Chapel Hill received the Kiplinger award for best value in higher education.

                Bramlett hoped that employees could give whatever possible to the University.  She noted that donations have led to the addition of five new professorships, 43 new scholarships, and fifteen new fellowships.  Erin Kelley said that 1,900 faculty and staff contribute to the University.  She hoped that University employees would add to that number in the University’s spring campaign to parallel the State Employees’ Combined Campaign in the fall.  She noted that the University does count as a non-profit for tax purposes.

                The Chair noted that the Carolina Family Scholarship provides need-based tuition money for qualifying children of UNC-Chapel Hill employees.  He said that Scholarships and Student Aid had administered the Scholarship but needs to relinquish this responsibility.  He said that other potential areas for giving are the Sustainability Seed Fund, the Carolina Campus Community Garden, and the Chancellor’s Unrestricted Fund.  Employees can donate through, either through payroll deduction or bank draft.  They can follow the progress of the campaign on Facebook at “Carolina Development” or on Twitter at #1GivetoUNC.  He encouraged employees to give back to this great University.

                The Chair invited interim Associate Vice Chancellor Gena Carter to present the Forum’s customary Human Resources update.  Carter said that Human Resources had little to report this month, noting that the Forum’s Community Meeting with Chancellor Folt will take place May 6.  Katie Turner asked if there were any update regarding the State budget process or employee salary increases.  Carter said that she had heard nothing yet.  Interim Senior Director Chris Chiron said that the Governor’s Budget had been vague on staff salaries, and the House budget is due to be revealed this month.

                The Chair noted Old Business facing the Forum and the University.  He said that there were no new updates regarding the Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity, noting that the University has pledged to take up this cause through other means.  He noted that the issue of renaming Saunders Hall had come up for discussion around the Board of Trustees meeting.  He noted the beginning of Carolina Conversations on issues such as race and sexual assault.  The Chair hoped that more staff members would attend these events. Kelli Raker asked about feedback from these events.  The Chair said that the University could attempt to find informal feedback.  Senior Director Kathy Bryant said that interested employees could access for information on the first event April 8 from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Aquatic Lounge in the Student Union.  Kelli Raker asked about the possibility of using work time to attend these events.  Chiron said that if the event occurs during the employee’s regular work schedule they can attend on work time with their supervisor’s approval.  This would mainly apply to second shift employees.

                The Chair noted that he had compiled feedback from University employees about what they envision for the next President of the UNC System.  He would synthesize these responses for posting on the Forum listserv.

                The Chair noted that Resolution 15-02 concerning actions of the Board of Governors was presented to the Forum on first reading.  Katie Turner read the resolution.  Jackie Overton thought that the resolution was very articulated.  She advocated approval.  Kelli Raker asked why the resolution focused on closure versus others under administrative review.  The Chair noted that all centers and institutes are required to undergo review every five years.  Turner said that the resolution can acknowledge other centers in this situation, but risked appearing not to want transparency.  She thought that review was fine as long as it is fair.

                Parliamentarian Matt McKirahan noted that the Forum can vote to suspend its rules and advance a resolution to second reading with a two-thirds vote.  Tiffany Carver made this motion, seconded by Jackie Overton.  The motion was carried by a two-thirds vote.  Jackie Overton moved that the resolution be approved on second reading.  Shane Hale seconded this motion.  The motion was approved with a vote of 15 delegates in favor and one delegate abstaining.

                The Chair noted that the Chancellor is due to headline the Forum’s spring community meeting May 6.  He asked if the Forum would be willing to move its monthly meeting to Thursday, May 14.  The Forum’s June retreat would take place June 10, as Facilities Services typically has a function on the first Wednesday in June.  The Chair said that he wanted the business of the community meeting to remain distinct from the Forum meeting.  The Forum agreed to these schedule changes.

                The Chair noted that the Parliamentarian generally serves a two-year term.  All Forum officer positions are open.  He directed delegates interested in running to discuss position requirements with current officers:  Chair Charles Streeter, Vice Chair Michael Highland, Secretary Karen Jenkins, Treasurer Tammy Cox, and Parliamentarian Matt McKirahan.

                Todd Hux presented the Carolina Blood Drive committee report, noting that the Blood Drive will take place Tuesday June 2 in the Dean Dome.  He would have posters available at the next meeting.

                Arlene Medder said that the Carolina Campus Community Garden has new compost bins now in use.  The solar greenhouse final approvals are now underway.  The Garden will e-mail a survey to staff about its use.  She was pleased that the Garden has progressed so well in its plans before the University’s Buildings & Grounds committee and the Chapel Hill Historic Commission.  The Chair reminded delegates that April 22 is Earth Day.  He noted that the Forum has contributed to the Garden.  On Earth Day, the Forum will provide refreshments and publicity about the Garden to encourage employees to work there.

                Katie Turner said that InTouch, the Forum newsletter, had gone out that month.  The Communications and Public Relations committee had updated the divisional listserv and was now able to track open rate percentages via MailPoet.  Turner noted upcoming classes in notary public training and social media practices in April.

                Shane Hale noted that the Education and Career Development committee had held the Higher Education Administration panel and planned to create a webinar called “Grow and Thrive at Carolina.”  The committee will host the Peer Recognition awards event on May 15.  The committee will also award the Forum’s Professional Development grants this month.

                Karen Jenkins noted that the Forum elections would take place later this month.  She said that the Membership and Assignments committee will host an orientation for new delegates on April 23.  The committee will also work to plan the May 6 community meeting and the June 10 retreat.

                Yvonne Dunlap reported that the Personnel Issues committee had met March 24 to discuss a proposal for submission to the Executive Committee regarding the de facto limitation on State salary increases for internal candidates.  The Chair noted that Dunlap had raised the question of the new two-year probationary period requirement and its cost to the State.

                The Chair noted that the Chancellor’s Cup golf tournament would take place April 7 in Greenville.  He said that UNC-Chapel Hill’s team still needs another player to volunteer.  He thanked Chancellor Folt for financing the University’s two competing teams.  He noted that the UNC System Staff Assembly will meet that evening and the following morning.

                The Chair noted that minutes from the previous Executive Committee meetings were posted.  He said that the committee had explored different avenues to fund the Carolina Family Need-Based Scholarship.  He had asked Ronda Manuel to help spearhead the initiative to fund the Scholarship.  He had also spoken about funding with Chancellor Carol Folt and Vice Chancellor Matt Fajack.

                It was noted that this was Forum Assistant Matt Banks’ 20th anniversary service date.  Banks thanked the Chair and Chair Emeritus Jackie Overton for their leadership and example.  Jo-Ann Blake asked if the two-year probationary period applied to all employees.  Chris Chiron said that the previous variances in probationary length policies among State agencies was now ended by the law’s change to a two-year period.

                It was noted that Andy Eaker would be the subject of a going-away reception that evening.  The Chair thanked Eaker for his service to the Forum and the University.

                In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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