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April 19, 2022 Executive Committee minutes

Attending: L.E. Alexander, Sharron Bouquin, David Bragg, Shane Brogan, Tiffany Carver, Jen DeNeal, Shayla Evans-Hollingsworth, Stephanie Forman, Shayna Hill, Keith Hines, James Holman, Brigitte Ironside, Kira Jones, Arlene Medder, Katie Musgrove, Joseph Nsonwu-Farley, Laura Pratt, Janet Steele, Charles Streeter, Matthew Teal, Tracy Wetherby-Williams

Chair Katie Musgrove called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. She asked for a motion to approve the February committee minutes, as the March minutes were not yet available. Arlene Medder made this motion, seconded by Janet Steele. The motion was approved by voice vote.

The Chair led a discussion of The proposed Forum budget for FY 22-23, as well as the typical budget report for March. Treasurer Tracy Wetherby Williams introduced these documents to the committee. Delegates discussed the details regarding the Forum’s current and planned expenditures and suggested several changes to the two documents. The Chair asked for advice on proposed discussions with Finance regarding proposed increases in the FY 22-23 budget. The committee approved the revised budgets for discussion with Finance officers.

Matt Banks reported on the progress of the Forum elections. He was asked to provide a reminder to voters about the election via email that week. Banks worked to trouble-shoot issues with the election process. The orientation for new delegates will follow in late April, with the swearing in of new delegates at the May general meeting. Banks would double-check materials for the orientation with the Forum officers.

The committee discussed possible plans for the upcoming 30th anniversary event. Much remains up in the air given the need for outside funding for the event. The Chair proposed holding an indoor event like the 25th anniversary then having a giveaway treat for general staff as well. She hoped that the University would recognize the Forum’s anniversary at University Day in some capacity. Shayna Hill thought that the Chancellor would be very enthusiastic about supporting the Forum’s anniversary events based on her past conversations with him on this topic. Charles Streeter provided feedback related to the 20th anniversary of the Forum and how the late Jackie Overton planned that event. Delegates discussed the possible particulars of the 30th anniversary event.

In addition, delegates discussed possible arrangements for the July retreat. The committee agreed to poll delegates as to their preference for an in-person or Zoom session for the first part of the retreat Wednesday morning. The second half-day session of the retreat will be a Zoom session covering Forum business needs. The Chair hoped to provide boxed lunches should the Forum vote for an in-person session, but this benefit would depend on discussions with Finance.

The committee briefly discussed arrangements for a SEANC membership drive on May 24th with Chair Emeritus Charles Streeter and delegate James Holman. Streeter asked for help finding a place on campus to hold the drive where employees could receive free food from a local food truck. He also asked about Forum participation in advertising the event. The Chair noted departmental request forms and transportation and parking permission being necessary for food trucks on campus. Parking for the event is also a consideration. Members discussed different locations with electricity available.

Shayna Hill announced that the UNC System Staff Assembly had voted to relocate the Chancellor’s Cup golf tournament to Finley Golf Course on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. She hoped that the September 27th event would go well and anticipated that the Assembly would take the lead in putting on the tournament.  She invited delegates to come help the effort this year, by using worktime for volunteering. Tournament participants must use vacation leave. Charles Streeter hoped that the tournament would feature Rameses, the University mascot.

L.E. Alexander reported that the professional development grant application process has opened, and that the Carolina Family Scholarship application process will open very soon. She asked delegates to consider serving as reviewers for these applications as well as the peer recognition awards.

David Bragg reported that the Student Stores committee had heard that the general manager for the Student Stores had been promoted to regional manager. Student Stores will receive a new general manager soon and will debut a new website soon as well. The organization plans to preview an all-inclusive program for renting books electronically for around $20/credit hour. The Chair commented that Student Stores should provide faculty/staff discounts in competition with other stores that do so locally.

Jen DeNeal noted that the Carolina Blood Drive registration link is now live. She asked that delegates share the registration link with colleagues. She said the Drive’s goal is 625 units donated. The Drive has over 700 appointment slots available that day, June 7th. She also asked for volunteers to help with the Drive.

David Bragg asked if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had changed rules on LGBTQ people donating blood. DeNeal said that the deferral of donors with same-sex relations has been reduced from one year to three months. This reduction is not helpful to most people, DeNeal said. She added that the Red Cross is doing a multi-state study focusing on this issue to collect data needed to convince the FDA to further change this rule or eliminate it altogether. She hoped that the deferral would end in a year or two.

In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned by acclamation at 1:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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