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Employee Forum Executive Committee

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Employee Forum conference room


Members in the attendance: Mariel Eaves, Greg Smith, Kewana Smith, Bryan Andregg, Lori Haight, Arlene Medder, Katie Musgrove, Clare Counihan, Alan Moran, Naquan Hill, Tiffany Carver, K.D. Ann Welsh, Jeanna McCullers, Natiaya Neal, Shayna Hill

Others in attendance: Katie Turner, Janet Kelly-Scholle, Gena Carter, Angenette McAdoo

Call to order

Shayna Hill called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

Direct deposit pay stub

Walter Miller, director of payroll services, gave an overview of the new paystub for direct deposit. He explained that his team is looking at enhancements to pay stubs that ConnectCarolina can offer. The new stubs will go live October 1.

Changes include adding a “leave data valid through” statement, removing bonus leave calculations and showing vacation rollover to sick leave conversion. The hours and earnings section for non-exempt SHRA employees will show hours worked, adverse weather, community service, comp time taken, holiday and vacation leave.

Before tax and after tax deductions will be in separate columns. A new section titled “Employer Paid Benefits’ will list the University’s contributions to the State Health Plan and retirement benefits. Additional stipends will show in the hours and earnings section.

The “Leave Balances and Activity” section will show vacation and sick leave accruals and time taken. Reimbursements won’t show up on the pay stub. Awards and gift cards will show on the new pay stub.

The changes will be communicated via face-to-face meetings, emails to staff, emails to HR Officers, Gazette announcements, digital signage and memorandums translated in Karen, Burmese and Spanish. Tracy Agnew, HR Representative in Facilities will work directly with folks who need assistance.



The committee presented Gena Carter with a plaque in honor of her service to the university. She introduced Angenette McAdoo, who will be the interim director of the employee and management relations. After August 31, Angenette will start attending the full Forum meetings, VC Reps meetings and the Executive Committee.


Budget discussion

The committee discussed a recent cut to the Forum’s budget. The cut will have to be absorbed by eliminating or scaling back catering for some events. A new budget request must be submitted each year. Additional funds are requested from the Chancellor for special events, such as the annual Blood Drive and Anniversary celebration. The committee chairs were asked to submit their proposed budgets to Matt Banks.


Bylaws discussion

The committee discussed some possible changes to the bylaws to make the transition period for new officers easier. The changes included the possibility of aligning the delegation and officer elections, extending officer terms to two-years, and creating the expectation that the Vice Chair will become the next Chair. The committee agreed to discuss potential changes at the next Executive Committee meeting.


Anniversary celebration

The idea to combine the December social and the Employee Forum’s anniversary celebration was discussed to give Membership and Assignments more time for planning and an idea of the budget.



Alan Moran announced that there is a proposed program to introduce skilled trades internships in facilities. The internships would be paid, and they are still in the process of securing funding. He would like to invite a guest speaker to provide more information to the full Forum.



The Executive Committee adjourned at 1:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Katie Turner

Forum Parliamentarian

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