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University of North CarolinaEmployee Forum Personnel Issues Committee 

Committee Chair: Yvonne Dunlap

Report Prepared by: Yvonne Dunlap  Last Meeting Date:August 26, 2014 Delegates in Attendance: Chrissie Greenberg; Kelli Raker; Kirk Montgomery, Rocky Rivella; Yvonne Dunlap; Charles Streeter,Admin – Matt Banks

Guests – Jessica Moore, OHR; Gena Carter, OHR


Absent:  Jo-Ann Blake; Everett Deloney; Karen Cheek


Next Meeting Date:  September 23, 2014, 134 E. Franklin Street, Room 207Time:  12:00 p.m.




Review of Minutes – PIC, July 22, 2014

Corrections have been made and minutes from the Meeting of Tuesday, July 22, 2014 were received as submitted.  Minutes have been captured by Yvonne Dunlap.  Kirk McNaughton has agreed to help with the minutes in the absence of Karen Cheek, who according to the notes from the retreat will assume responsibility for the PIC monthly meeting minutes.


Updates from the Chair/other agenda items

 A few communications were included with the minutes for review during the course of the meeting.  All parking issues have also been included in the survey of responses held by the Chair.  The updates were to be reviewed a little later in the meeting, however due to time constraints, the updates were not reviewed.  Of special note, SEANC report in re:  Pension underperforms its peers by $1 billion.  A recent report was released with the state pension fund performance for fiscal year 2013-14 indicating “despite attempts at a positive spin, investment efforts by Janet Cowell, state Treasurer continue to come in below the national median and that North Carolina’s returns were more than $1 billion behind its peers.


Jessica Moore – Class and Classification, OHR


Ms. Moore noted an upcoming rate changes for staff:

  • A one-time increase in salary of $1000 for all SPA employees will be retroactive to July 1.
  • Forty (40) hours of bonus vacation that can be used or banked for all full-time SPA employees. 
  • EPA Staff will receive more information probably in November after the rollout of People Soft


Ms. Moore was back for a review with the Personnel Issues Committee to review OHR administrative policies, to discuss Career Banding in an ongoing effort to help with a project that will be led by, Benefits and Compensation, co-chairs, Chrissie and Kelli.  Ms. Moore’s presentation, like always was informative and went directly to the 9.9% limit of increase for in-house employees seeking to improve their positions, professionally and financially versus the benefits of financial compensation of higher salaries ob.  She shared with us some key points on career banding:


  • Career Banding was initiated in 2008 in an attempt for moving from a grading system. 
  • Career banding came a time when the market crashed or recession. 
  • It currently conflicts with budget guidelines of the Legislature which drives everything. 
  • Career banding caused UNC to stray away from the institution method of managing pay raises and created some equity issues.
  • The issue of career banding comes with it some challenges and HR attempts to watch for equity issues, which can be created with the current system.


Chrissie also talked about the general staff morale, which is of great concern to all of us on Personnel Issues Committee.


Due to time constraints, we were unable to continue much beyond discussion of what the career banding process means or doesn’t mean to those of us in attendance.  We will continue to increase our knowledge on UNC Personnel Policies and Procedures.


Charles Streeter, chair shared with us some of the upcoming work on goals and objectives for the Employee Forum as we move forward to advocate for the staff we serve, and also work in conjunction with the University leadership in insuring that the staff is represented by us as expected.


Other Business before the Committee – time left limited additional discussion and further questions.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm.


Meeting minutes captured by:

Yvonne Dunlap


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