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Community Service Committee Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

11:30 AM – ~1:00PM

Hitchcock Multipurpose Room, Sonja H. Stone Center


  1. Welcome/Introductions [[11:30-11:35]]
  2. Meet with representatives from General Alumni Association (GAA) & Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS) regarding Tar Heel Days of Service joint event (to be held from October 8-16) [[11:35 AM-12:00 PM]]
  • Representatives from GAA: Casey Privette & Jennifer Farrell
  • Representative from CCPS: Kim Allen
    • Campus Wide Food drive beginning at the Employee Appreciation Football Game (Oct. 8) to end on Employee Appreciation Day (Oct. 21)
    • Partnering with GAA’s Tar Heel Service Days to be held from October 8-16, 2016 (they will assist us with advertising the drive as well as the planning stages of the event)
    • This event will align with the University’s “Food For All” theme
      • A possibility of some EF delegates participating in a smaller scale event such as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House or a local soup kitchen, etc to officially kick off the week (this kickoff event was tabled in favor of the next kickoff event)
      • Employee Appreciation Football Game on October 8 will be the kickoff event for the food drive (upon approval from Athletics). We will set up a booth for donations at Tar Heel Town prior to the game.
        • Korie will reach out to the Athletics Dept (Rick Steinbocker) for approval of proposed cross promotion of the food drive during a home football game
      • Bins will be placed in various departments/offices throughout campus to be picked up and brought to Carolina Union prior to Employee Appreciation Day
      • Prize given out to department with most donations? (logistics of determining the winner may be difficult)
      • South Eastern NC Food Bank voted on as the recipient for our donation (Athletics department has worked with them in the past, they offer pickup services to transport the donation)
    • Began Planning/ Scheduling meetings for the establishment of this joint project
      • Korie Sawyer- liaison with the Athletics department, will be providing contact information for South Eastern NC Food Bank representative
      • Katie Musgrove- will reach out to food bank representative to arrange partnership, will reach out to Bonita Brown regarding use of the Union for the dropoff location, will also create volunteer signup sheets for the two booths (one at Employee Appreciation Football Game and one at Employee Appreciation Day), will finally create To-Do list in preparation for other necessary planning tasks to be distributed at next meeting
      • Steven Bodeen- will contact Facilities regarding use of trucks/dollys for the transportation of bins from various departments across campus to union at the end of the drive
      • Ricky Roach- will assist in publicizing event with the following organizations once a flier/announcement is created:
        • EF Listserv, InTouch Newsletter, Employee Appreciation Day Announcements/Advertisements with HR, Athletics Department (to solicit donations at the Employee Appreciation game), Carolina Center for Public Service listserv, WUNC Radio, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Daily Tar Heel, University Gazette, Town of Chapel Hill, UNC Faculty/Staff Listservs, Carolina Union Activities Board (CUAB), etc.

III. Discuss with GAA& CCPS other potential joint events throughout the year [[12:00 PM-12:15 PM]]

  • One to be held on mandatory leave day during the holidays where employees will be allowed to use work time as opposed to using their leave
    • Possible Ideas:
      • Stop Hunger Now Million Meals Event (All day, multiple organizations such as Carolina Union Activities Board, GAA, Employee Forum, etc.)
      • Salvation Army Angel Tree/Gift Box Event
    • This will need to further explored and discussed with appropriate departments including HR. The service options would need to be identified, a tracking/sign up system developed, and decision if it would just be work time or if employees would use community service hours to participate.
  • One to be held on MLK day of service next year
    • Possibly Habitat for Humanity Build Sponsored by Employee Forum
  1. Questions/Final Comments [[12:15 PM-12:20 PM]]
  2. Delegate-specific business discussed at Forum Meeting

                -Overview of Last InTouch submission (sent in prior to our first meeting) Approved

                -Any suggestions for the InTouch Community Service submission for September, please send them to my by August 19, 2016 (I will craft the submission and send it to the committee for approval prior to submission to Kelli)

-Designate a Secretary for the Committee to record meeting minutes- Kewana Smith

-Detail the policy on non-Delegate’s use of work time to attend committee meetings

-Approve Committee Charge – Approved

  • This committee develops and manages the community service initiatives of the Employee Forum, including the Carolina Blood Drive. This committee, in coordination with members of Carolina Center for Public Service, the General Alumni Association and other campus organizations, will host various community service events throughout the year, as well as publicize various other opportunities to get involved. This committee will ensure that we as staff of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seek to foster an active and engaged commitment to our University and the wider community.

Revise/Finalize Committee Budget – Approved


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