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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Membership & Assignments


Committee Chair:

Report Prepared by:

Paula Goodman

Last Meeting Date:


Delegates in Attendance

Matthew Banks, Charles Streeter, Paula Goodman, Kathy Ramsey

Next Meeting Date:           September 16, 2013



Key Points


  1. Discuss ideas for Chancellor’s visit
  2. Electronic  Voting
  3. Invitations to various groups as well as ideas for future meetings
  4. Charles will contact chancellor’s office to get a firm date, possibly see about September and would like us to consider a larger event for December “social” event.

Recommendations and Rationale



Matt – supervisors and housekeeping will be invited.


December event to be held on December 4th


Matt will be sending out a “formal” invitation and may do paperless . This cost is small and only charges for invitations over 50.

  1. Electronic Voting- concerns about people not getting ballots. Votes aren’t anonymous.

Division II may not have computer access.

Still allowed some paper ballots s/b done well before electronic. Elections have to be done by late April.

Looking to get volunteers to allow divisions to vote via computer  ( they will just need the link). Charles will provide spreadsheets with links. Thinking possible locations Union, AOB, Giles Horney, Health Sciences Library

Shifts might be 7am-10am, 5pm-9pm

Forum has computers that can be used.

Kathy suggested possibly contacting people on charge of “main” UNC homepage to advertise.



To make better use of funds as well as making December a much larger event and more enjoyable.










To provide access to online voting to everyone and reduce number of paper votes.

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