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December 16, 2014 Executive Committee minutes


Attending (those who signed in):  Tammy Cox, Yvonne Dunlap, Andy Eaker, Oscar Fleming, Todd Hux, Matt McKirahan, Arlene Medder, Charles Streeter, Ben Triplett


Chair Charles Streeter called the meeting to order at 11:45 a.m.  He noted that the Board of Governors Budget and Finance committee had recently met.  He also noted that University Centers and Institutes were under discussion.  The Chair said that the existence and purpose of these organizations is under review.  He noted that the Forum might want to make a show of support of these organizations.  Tammy Cox asked what degree of funding would be cut from these groups.  The Chair was uncertain but he would work to find out.  Oscar Fleming asked about thee relative value and cost of these organizations’ work.  The Chair thought that these reviews were not abnormal to do as they have occurred in years past.  He proposed to send letters of support to the Chancellor and to the Centers themselves.


Todd Hux commented that there was some desire for a Veterans’ Center, although now is probably not the best time to advocate for this goal.  Matt McKirahan said that the University was experiencing an influx of veterans from the Iraqi Green Zone through student transfers and other means.  He thought that asking Student Affairs for guidance in this idea would be a good start.


Todd Hux asked why pay stubs have listed vacation as a monetary amount, rather than a number of days.  The Chair commented that the number of changes in Payroll associated with Connect Carolina could have led to this change.  He did not know if the change was meant to be permanent.  Hux anticipated that the annual statement from Human Resources might clarify matters.


The Chair called for a motion to approve the October minutes.  Arlene Medder made this motion, seconded by Michael Highland.  Medder had some grammatical changes to the minutes.  The motion was accepted by acclamation.  Oscar Fleming moved that the committee approve the November minutes, seconded by Karen Jenkins.  The motion was approved by acclamation.


Tammy Cox presented the Forum’s monthly budget report.  She noted that a recent meeting with Human Resources has revealed that the Forum no longer has mainframe access to its own accounts.  She hoped to have a fuller budget report in January.


Andy Eaker said that the Education and Career Development committee was busy with work on the Carolina Family need-based scholarship.  The Chair proposed that the committee work with Bruce Egan, Sharon Glover, and other financial aid administrators to create a transition manual for this effort.  Eaker was grateful to delegates Samara Reynolds and Shane Hale for their help in dealing with different projects.  The Chair commented that these needs may require their own committee.


Michael Highland asked about ideas for a spring community meeting.  He proposed holding a meeting at the end of March or April.  Ben Triplett confirmed that the meeting will have time for employee questions.  Highland envisioned more of a big picture presentation.  The Chair thought it natural for the Forum to work to manage the expectations of the audience.  Discussion then concerned the amount of control the Forum would have of employee questions at the event.  Yvonne Dunlap thought that the Forum should not control any questions, instead leaving them for administrators to answer.  Highland preferred that employees write down their questions in advance.  Andy Eaker proposed conducting an assessment survey prior to the event.  He said that employees without computers could submit their ideas via cards.  Ben Triplett proposed that the Forum send out a divisional e-mail with a survey suggesting 3-4 topics for discussion.  The Chair said that Michael Highland would figure out how to run the meeting.  He said that the Forum should obtain commitments for the meeting by February.


The Chair commented that the Executive Committee will hold a half-day retreat at the Friday Center in January to plan the rest of the year.  He noted the number of activities the Forum hopes to perform before June.  He also said that he would follow up on asking the Chancellor to meet with the Executive Committee at some point.


Chris Chiron reported that the Office of State Human Resources has enacted several reforms to the University’s adverse weather policy, the most notable of which is the requirement that an area must be subject to National Weather Service warning in order to use adverse weather leave.  He discussed the University’s decision to eliminate adverse weather leave given its limited use by employees.  Employees in adverse weather situations (Condition 2) can use advance, vacation, or bonus leave, but not sick leave.  Todd Hux pointed out that the school system will likely have a more liberal adverse weather dismissal policy.  He raised questions about the designation of mandatory employees under University policy.


Arlene Medder confirmed that the University’s hotline and website will still contain adverse weather information.  Chiron said that Condition 2 will now be referred to as “suspension of non-mandatory operations,” with mandatory employees expected to make the effort to work if they can.  He said that the policy will be officially announced this week.  Ben Triplett noted the practical difficulty of asking a supervisor to collect National Weather Service data for each employee’s location at the time of decision whether to come to work.  Chiron said that these rules are complex and raise difficult challenges for emergency employees expected to get to work.  Karen Jenkins reminded the committee that employees cannot make up adverse weather leave taken on holiday weeks.  Chiron agreed, noting that employees must use compensatory time first for this purpose.  Employees with adverse weather balances must resolve these debts by the end of the year.


Chris Chiron confirmed that all employees have been notified as to whether they hold mandatory status.  He said that this status is built into employees’ job descriptions in order that certain campus functions be maintained.


Todd Hux gave the Forum’s monthly blood drive committee report.  He noted that the December blood drive had raised 87% of goal, with two of the three blood drives in which the Forum has been involved meeting or exceeding expectations.  Andy Eaker asked if the Red Cross might bring more people, but Hux replied that the drives experience space limitations.  Michael Highland suggested that the drive use two locations.


It was noted that the Communications and Public Relations committee will feature The Goldfinch at its January book club.  Ronda Manuel was suggested as a possible partner to fund social media class honoraria.  The Chair said that the Forum needs a guiding group to present proposals for honoraria.  He said that funds not in the budget cannot be promised for these purposes.  Tammy Cox noted that Human Resources must process these honoraria.  She noted that Professor Andy Bechtel is owed $200 for the two social media classes he taught earlier in the year.


Andy Eaker of the Education and Career Development committee said that the group had worked on a mid-year report for submission to Vice Chancellor Felicia Washington.

Karen Jenkins noted that the Membership & Assignments committee will hold its food drive at the UNC Women’s Basketball game on January 15th.


Yvonne Dunlap said that the Personnel Issues committee had not met recently.  The group hoped to meet in early Jnauary.


The Chair said that the UNC System Staff Assembly will meet in Winston-Salem in February.  He noted that the Chancellors’ Cup golf tournament will take place in Greenville in April.


The Chair asked for feedback on the room arrangement experiment.  He did not like the slant of the tables in the recent meeting.  Michael Highland and the committee agreed to go back to the ‘U’ formation.


The committee discussed ways to honor outgoing Associate Vice Chancellor Matt Brody.


In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 1:34 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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