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December 7, 1994

9 a.m.—Reception in honor of outgoing and incoming members

9:30 a.m.—Meeting, Assembly Room of Wilson Library

I           Call to Order

II          Welcome Guests

  • Media—Blake Dickinson, CH Herald; Lori Willis, N&O, Lee Weisbecker, CHNews; Amy Piniak, DTH; WCHL
  • Geneva Beatty, Jan Hunter and Lindsay Reeves; Joe Totten; Jack Stone
  • Hershey, Wallace, McCormick, Meyer, Wiggins,Allen, Dill

III        Opening Remarks

  • Chancellor Paul Hardin

XI        New Business

  • Special Presentation

IV        Charge for New Members

  • Presentation of Certificates to Outgoing Members

V         Opening Remarks (Continued)

  • Laurie Charest, Human Resources Update

VI        Employee Presentations

VII       Minutes of the November 2 Meeting

  • Minutes of the October 5 Meeting—postponed

VIII     Chairperson’s Report:  Margaret Plumb Balcom

  • Thank retiring first Alternates—Cranston Fearrington, Bunnie Collura, Ruby Massey,Connie Dean, Margaret Ford, Tim Potts

IX        Committee/Task Force Reports

  • Recognition and Awards—Dee Marley (annual report at table)
  • Career Development—Linda Chegash
  • Nominating—Anne Montgomery (annual report enclosed)
  • Employee Presentation—Anne Montgomery (annual report enclosed)
  • Orientation—Myrna Bower (annual report at table)
  • Personnel Policies—Pat Staley (annual report at table)
  • Compensation and Benefits—Linda Cook (annual report at table)
  • Public Affairs—Kay Wijnberg
  • University Committee Assignments—Scott Blackwood (annual report at table)
  • Salary Task Force—Delores Bayless

X         Old Business

  • Report on Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee
  • Forum TPAC Representatives Richard Ellington and Pat Staley
  • Michael Klein, Director of Transportation and Parking Department

XII       Adjournment

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