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Community Service Committee Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


3:00 PM – 4:00PM


317 Beard Hall


Welcome/Introductions [[3:00-3:05]]


Introduction of Representatives from Organizations (Habitat for Humanity, CCPS)



Planning for the Employee Forum/Habitat for Humanity Partnership [[3:05-3:35]]


  • Potential date of Employee Forum Sponsored Build (will no longer coincide with Employee Forum’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, as that has been scheduled for the Fall)
  • Two potential dats were selected for a delegate sponsored Habitat build day
  • April 7 or 12 from 12:30-4:30PM
  • I will send out a Doodle poll to determine the date with the most delegates able to participate
  • Once a date is decided, we will then reach out to other departments and units to see if they would like to send a delegation to the build
  • CSL can be used to participate
  • Proposed Goal for donations

-Request monetary support from Chancellor

  • I will work with the Employee Forum chair to reach out to the Chancellor for a potential donation to help fund this event

-Money will also be used from our committee to purchase food/drink for the volunteers with any remaining funds being donated to the build as well

-Will reach out to local food vendors to donate food as well so that the greatest possible donation can be given

-Registration fee to participate (individual fee)

  • The costs associated with a habitat build amount to $10 per volunteer
  • With that in mind, we will be asking all volunteers donate $10 in order to participate
  • If a department wishes to cover these costs, they can (at the same cost of $10 per staff member they are sending)
  • Develop list of proposed Units/Centers who may wish to participate
  • Heather Lewis will be assisting me in planning this build
  • She will take on soliciting and developing our list of volunteers
  • Draft/ Design of Pub flier (Rhonda @ CCPS?)/ Website for Event
  • If anyone has graphic design expertise or knows someone who does and would be willing to draft a flier for the event that could be used to solicit volunteers, please let us know
  • We would love to have someone do this for us before we solicit other staff groups in early March, will follow up on this at next meeting
  • Date of Ceremony Awarding House to UNC Staff Member
  • Sometime in May, 2017
  • I will send out information on the ceremony and on the UNC Staff Member/their family as soon as I receive it


-Habitat for Humanity rep Alex Mitchell also informed us of another event they are sponsoring to highlight Affordable housing issue entitled “Carolina Blueprint”

-For more info on that event/community service opportunity, visit


Community Service Leave Promotion Campaign [[3:35-3:50]]


  • Aspects of Promotional Campaign (see attached flier)
  • Creation of Committee to lead campaign (including members from Employee Forum, this committee, and OHR)
  • Linc Butler with OHR is willing to help us establish this CSL promotion campaign committee
  • He is working with his staff on this matter and will reach out to us soon with next steps


Update on other business [[3:50-3:55]]



  • Scheduling next meeting
  • Next meeting is March 1, 2017 at the usual place and time
  • I will send out an agenda closer to that date


Questions/Final Comments [[3:55 PM-4:00 PM]]


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