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Agenda – February 2, 2000

9:30 a.m.– Assembly Room of Wilson Library

I. Call to Order

II. Welcome Guests, Members of the Press

III. Special Presentation

    • University Managers’ Association Chair Sharon Graydon

IV. Employee Presentations And Questions

V. Human Resources Update

    • Laurie Charest, Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

VI. Approval of Minutes of the January 5, 2000 meeting P

VII. Unfinished Business

      • Request for Endorsement from ABODE Affordable Housing Coalition
      • Forum Officer Elections
  • Candidates for Chair: Joanne Kucharski and Jill Mayer
  • Please Note: Nominations May Also Be Made From the Floor for this Office
    • Committee Sign-Ups

VIII. Chair’s Report (Executive Committee): Kathy Dutton & Karen Geer

    • Annual Retreat January 21
    • Contingency Plan for Forum Governance
    • Committee Meeting Times & Locations

IX. Stretch Time 

X. Committee/Task Force Reports

  • Career Development: Bobbie Lesane
  • New Careers Training Board: Ken Perry
  • Communications: Suzan deSerres
  • Employee Presentations: Kathy Dutton
  • Nominating: Karen Geer
  • Forum Officer Elections
  • Orientation: Bobbie Lesane
  • Forum Retreat Friday, January 21
  • Personnel Issues: Dave Lohse
  • Recognition and Awards: Maxcine Barnes
  • University Committee Assignments: John Heuer

XI. Task Force/University Committee Reports—Substitutes for Jane Stine?

    • 27th Payroll Adjustment Team—Jane Stine
    • Master Plan Executive Steering Team—Jane Stine
    • Transportation & Parking Advisory —
    • University Priorities & Budget—Jane Stine
    • Chancellor Search Committee—Jane Stine
    • Provost Search Committee—Jane Stine
    • Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration Search Committee—Jane Stine
    • Faculty Council Liaison—Jane Stine

XII. Announcements/Questions

XIII. Transmission of Gavel to Newly Elected Chair

XIV. Adjournment

P = Included in Agenda Packet



February 2, 2000

Delegates Present

Forrest Aiken

Brenda Ambrose-Fortune

Christine Barfield

Anita Booth

Suzan deSerres

Kathy Dutton

Monisia Farrington

Linda Ford

Jeffery Fuchs

Linwood Futrelle

Kim Gardner

Karen Geer

Sherry Graham

Dorothy Grant

Shelby Harris

Michael Hawkins

John Heuer

Tom Jenswold

Karen Jordan

Joanne Kucharski

Bobbie Lesane

Dave Lohse

Denise Mabe

Jill Mayer

Margaret Moore

Diana Newton

Lynn Ray

Cathy Riley

Rickey Robinson

Joanna K. Smith

Diane Strong

Cindy Stone

Joanne Terry

Robert Thoma

Elaine Tola

Susan Toppin

Verdell Williams

Carol Worrell

Laurie Charest

Jane Stine

= Ex-Officio

Delagates Absent

Terry Barker

Maxcine Barnes

Hattie Edwards

John Harris

Ramona Kellam

Charlotte Kilpatrick

John Meeker

Kevin Moss

Rita Stone

Sheila Storey

Darian Sturdivant

Excused Absence

Ken Perry

Alternates Present

Janet Aliff

Tommy Griffin

Lauren Mangili

Christine Morrison


Linda Collins

Sharon Graydon

William McCoy

Scott Ragland

Dan Sears


Call to Order, Welcome to Guests, Opening Remarks

Vice Chair Kathy Dutton, serving as acting Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:37 a.m. and welcomed Delegates. She was delighted that everyone could attend in spite of the snow and took a moment too thank all the workers who made movement possible around campus in spite of the snow. She welcomed Chancellor Bill McCoy to provide opening remarks.

McCoy thanked Dutton and Karen Geer for agreeing to stand as officers of the Forum, and thanked Joanne Kucharski and Jill Mayer for agreeing to run for the position of Forum chair.

He echoed Dutton’s thanks to University Employees who helped the University recover from the snowstorm, acknowledging that the blizzards presented a test to the University as a whole. He noted that the team that decided whether to close the University had become very used to the process by the Thursday of that week (the campus was declared closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, January 25-27).

McCoy commended 1999 Forum chair Jane Stine and the officers who finished their tour for their successful administration during a very unusual year. He noted that the University Priorities and Budget Committee had recently held a planning and budget retreat along with senior cabinet members and other representatives. McCoy had managed to convince Stine to attend the 2-day retreat, and thanked Stine for her help through the year.

McCoy also offered his heartfelt thanks to the Employees who kept the University running during trying conditions. The weather those two weeks was very unusual, as most years people do not expect snowfall from 15-20″ (which represents a 100-year record). The back to back storms presented an interesting challenge to the Employees who needed to be on campus to keep students safe, fed, and warm, and who kept the campus streets and sidewalks as clear as could be accomplished. McCoy also thanked those Employees who insured that campus paychecks would go out exactly on time that week. He was particularly thankful to those people who left their homes and families to venture out on treacherous roads to serve their community.

While running the risk of forgetting someone, McCoy thanked the staff at Facilities Services who made sure that parking areas and sidewalks were cleared of snow. A great number of Employees began work when the snow began until 2 a.m. that night. At that point, efforts focused on roads to the hospital, then shifted to campus sidewalks. McCoy noted that Dean Houghton had called South Building for assistance clearing the Ambulatory Care Center lots; by the time the request was forwarded to Facilities Services, the work was already almost complete. Facilities Services also was instrumental in preparing the Dean Dome for the week’s UNC-Maryland basketball game.

McCoy praised the staff at Energy Services and the co-generation plant for keeping the heat running throughout the bad weather. He noted that the coal delivered during the snowstorm was frozen, and so was particularly difficult to unload. He praised workers with electrical systems who helped the University survive a Duke Power outage. Some staff members performed thoughtful and heroic work by isolating a fallen power line south of Country Club Road.

HVAC and chilled water divisions also worked through the cold weather, and Building Services was active in shoveling, sanding and salting sidewalks and stairs. Building Services was particularly active in clearing out handicapped access ramps at dorms across campus, an important consideration given the number of fire alarms in residence halls recently.

Housekeeping Services and Student Health Services were vital to keeping the campus running normally with a minimum of distress for students. A number of Employees checked to be of further service to the University rather than stay at home. Student Health Services stayed open for critical services, with a number of Employees working back to back shifts. Housing area directors also stayed on to oversee maintenance and organize dormitory activities.

Dining Services continued to function throughout the storm, and McCoy thanked Classic Foods and Sodexo-Marriott for their diligence in keeping students fed. Public Safety maintenance crews worked through the storm to take care of the main roads and parking lots. McCoy mentioned the contributions of Health and Safety and University Relations Employees also.

McCoy noted the number of individuals who went beyond the call of duty to help people in need. He recalled reports of Employees and citizens who volunteered the use of their 4 wheel drive vehicles to bring patients and health care workers to UNC Hospitals.

On another topic, McCoy alluded to reports of a fire in Morrison Dormitory again the previous night. Preliminary reports indicate that a cigarette fire started on a sofa in a lounge. The dorm was evacuated and there were no injuries reported. University officials are very concerned about these incidents and will continue to work on fire safety in the University’s dormitories and buildings.

McCoy offered to take questions from the Forum. Cindy Stone asked who had made the decision concerning Employee leave time and adverse weather. McCoy noted that the University had established its own rules concerning adverse weather through a series of three graduated conditions. The University had received a message from the Director of the Office of State Personnel Ron Penny indicating that time missed by Employees during days when the University was closed needs to be made up through vacation leave, sick leave, or other means aside from voluntary overtime (which is not allowed). Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources noted that the State will allow Employees up to 24 months to make up adverse weather leave, and said that the campus is exploring other options.

The Board of Governors has said that the University must hold 150 days of class a year, leaving the campus needing to make up three days this semester. McCoy would talk with System President Molly Broad and her staff to determine ways to make up these days, either through use of reading days, weekend days, or spring break.

McCoy thanked the Forum for the opportunity to speak and wished the assembly well with its coming elections.

Special Presentation

Dutton introduced Sharon Graydon, President of the University Managers’ Association (UMA). Graydon recalled that for the last ten years the UMA had coordinated the annual Employee Appreciation Fair. This endeavor has taken a tremendous amount of time to plan activities and coordinate volunteers. This year, the UMA planning committee has taken a fresh look at the fair’s activities. This decision was partially initiated by the decision taken during last year’s budget crisis to cut the fair budget in half. Graydon reminded listeners that the budget crisis had raised the possibility of eliminating University positions; the decision to cut the fair’s budget was made to supply monies that would have been raised by cutting positions.

Given this background, the UMA has planned an old-fashioned ice cream social Wednesday, May 24, from 2-4 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Student Union. The event will feature a health and wellness expo and will provide cookies and punch as well as ice cream. Graydon was excited that the event would return to a central part of campus.

The UMA will invite celebrity scoopers such as Chancellor McCoy and his cabinet to serve ice cream at the event. For now, the event needs a new name, a new logo and a new slogan to christen its rebirth. Graydon asked Employees to submit their ideas to Trav Eubanks at While the event will be planned and managed by the University Managers’ Association, the organization invites volunteers to participate from every part of campus. Graydon hoped that Forum Delegates would consider volunteering and promoting the event. A delegate suggested that Graydon work with Scott Ragland of the University Gazette to devise other promotional ideas.

Joanne Kucharski asked what other ideas the UMA planned to work on this year. Graydon said that the organization had held two meeting this year, mainly focused on the Employee appreciation event and the resumption of the University Managers’ Development Program (UMDP).

Dutton thanked Graydon for her remarks.

Human Resources Update

Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Laurie Charest reported that the University Managers’ Development Program was arranged to kick off again at the end of February following a delay since last year. Human Resources will administer the program for the time being and will select from other 70 applicants to participate. The new program will have a modified curriculum in which each participant will select from among 3-5 electives according to their development needs. This program will possess many of the same features as past UMDP classes.

The New Career training computer lab will hold an open house on Tuesday, February 8 from 8-2 p.m. in the Cheek-Clark building on Cameron Avenue.

Information on the UNC summer kids camp is on the Human Resources web page, along with applications. The University will conduct a lottery with the application deadline falling on Friday, March 3 at 9 a.m. Camp will take place from June 4-August 1. There will be information on changes to the camp schedule as well as other news on the Human Resources web page and in the University Gazette.

Bobbie Lesane asked Charest how many job vacancies are currently at the University today. Charest said that approximately 580 vacancies existed before the snowstorm. The University has filled more jobs than ever before, but has had to fill more vacancies than ever before also. In the University’s last monthly report, 35% of all jobs filled were with internal candidates. This statistic represents wonderful news for those moving up within the system, but makes it difficult for the University to fill all of its vacancies.

Dave Lohse said that the University Managers’ Development Program was well worth the time and effort. He strongly encouraged his fellow Employees to file for inclusion in the UMDP program.

Approval of the Minutes

Dutton called for a motion to approve the minutes of the January 5 meeting. Jill Mayer made this motion, seconded by Tracey Haith. Matt Banks noted that Denise Mabe, rather than Karen Geer, had nominated Kathy Dutton for the position of Forum Vice Chair. With this amendment, the Forum approved the minutes unanimously.

Unfinished Business

Dutton noted that the Forum had not yet responded to the request for an endorsement of the ABODE affordable housing coalition. Laurie Charest noted that the Forum had typically stayed out of political issues to this point, although it might want to consider the issue of affordable housing apart from the political issue of county property tax disbursement. Mike Hawkins moved that this issue be sent back to the Executive Committee, a motion seconded by Karen Geer. The Forum approved this motion by acclamation.

Dutton opened the floor for nominations for the position of Forum Chair. Margaret Moore nominated Jill Mayer for the position. Moore had met Mayer ten years ago in a regional organization for medical librarians and had served with her on a professional development committee. She had been impressed with her charm and grace in their time together at the Health Sciences Library. She noted that the library’s use of computer medicine was considered a model for the entire country. Moore praised Mayer’s work behind the scenes on various community projects.

Mayer thanked Moore for her comments and noted the importance of Forum Delagates serving their constituents. She noted the significant commitment Delagates have to serve the University, which was typified by the response during the University snow days. She reminded Delagates of their charge under the Forum guidelines and the mission statement. She promised to respect opinions, facilitate communication, and serve as a vehicle for problem solving on campus.

Mike Hawkins nominated Joanne Kucharski for this position. He had known Kucharski for most of 20 years, and was impressed with her willingness to share her time and expertise. He thought that Kucharski would help the Forum improve mentoring relationships, and would provide a reality check in University discussions.

Kucharski thanked Hawkins for his support and encouragement. She had begun with the University 27 years ago and had gained great experience working with the University Biostatistics department, before she joined the registrar’s office. She had worked as a clerk, a technical person and a manager. She had also been active in chairing grievance procedure hearings, and had served on residency status committees. Kucharski had learned through these experiences to look at rules and policies and to react based on collective needs, rather than emotions. She hoped to talk to each of the Forum’s electoral divisions to work on specific needs.

At this point, the Forum distributed ballots. Forum Secretary Karen Geer and Forum Assistant Matt Banks collected the ballots and began a count.


Chair’s Report

Dutton noted that the Executive Committee had looked into the Forum Guidelines to determine a contingency plan for Forum governance, in the event that a chair could not be found. Dutton said that members of the Executive Committee are Joanne Kucharski, Denise Mabe, Karen Jordan, Rickey Robinson, Tom Jenswold, Karen Geer, Jill Mayer, and Kathy Dutton.

Dutton thanked Linda Drake and the 1999 Orientation committee for a job well done on the January 21 retreat.

Committee Reports

Bobbie Lesane, chair of the Career Development and Orientation committees, was delighted with the talent on these bodies, but hoped to add members so as to number eight representatives on each. She welcomed new and old Delegates alike to serve. The Career Development committee will meet throughout the year, whereas the Orientation committee will concentrate its work on the October orientation and the January retreat.

Karen Geer, chair of the Nominating committee, asked Delegates who had not signed up for a committee to consider service with her group. The committee will begin its meetings in March and will focus efforts on the annual election of new Delegates.

Geer announced that the chair of the Forum for the year 2000 was Joanne Kucharski. Kucharski said that she would take the role very seriously and would be unable to serve without the cooperation of her staff and supervisor. She thanked Hawkins for his words of nomination.

Maxcine Barnes was not present to make a report from the Recognition & Awards committee. The committee is scheduled to meet February 8 in the Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building.

At this point, the Forum took a five-minute stretch break. Dutton asked members who had not signed up for committees to choose one and indicate their choice to the relevant chair and to Matt Banks.

Suzan deSerres, chair of the Communications committee, said the group would meet the first Thursday following the Forum meeting from 8:30-9:30 a.m. in 01B Brauer. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Dutton, chair of the Employee Presentations committee, said that group would meet in the later part of March to discuss the spring community meeting.

Dave Lohse, chair of the Personnel Issues committee, reported the group would meet Tuesday, February 8 to discuss an agenda and talk about a set of 6-10 issues. He hoped that the group could develop an educational vehicle to help inform people about policies, but said that the group might evolve into an adversarial or political role depending on the course of conversation.

John Heuer, chair of the University Committee Assignments committee, said the group had not met yet. He asked about the charge to committee chairs that each group should prioritize its goals for presentation at the February meeting each year. The Forum moved that this presentation of goals be moved to the March meeting. Dutton said that committee chairs would be invited to an organizational meeting later on in the month to discuss similar issues.

University Committee/Task Force Reports

Jane Stine noted that the 27th payroll adjustment team would continue to meet on the first Friday of every month to discuss logistical and educational issues.

Stine noted that the Forum needed to find someone to serve on the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee in the place of Betty Averette. She noted that the University Priorities and Budget Committee had cancelled its meetings for January, and anticipated that Kucharski would take her place on this committee.

Stine reported that the Chancellor’s Search committee’s work was going well. Gary Bacon & Associates will be the employment firm to assist the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration searches.

At this point, Dutton turned the gavel over to Kucharski to adjourn the meeting officially. Kucharski reminded Delegates to be an active voice for their constituents, and asked members to come forward with their ideas.

In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 11:08 a.m. by acclamation.


Respectfully submitted,



Matt Banks, Recording Secretary


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