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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Personnel Issues Committee


Committee Chair: Christina Lebonville

Report Prepared by:

Christina Lebonville

Last Meeting Date:


Delegates in Attendance

James Holman, Christina Lebonville, David Fraley

Next Meeting Date:   March 26th, 2013

Time: 11:30am


Key Points

The committee discussed concerns detailed in an HR exit survey and decided that it was a grievance issue and no action by the committee was needed.


Christina Lebonville agreed to follow up with Vice Chancellor Leslie Strohm following a letter requesting clarification of several UNC mail policies that was mailed to her in January.


As per the last Executive Committee meeting, the NC Vision Coalition will receive forum representation under the Personnel Issues Committee’s Legislative Action Subcommittee.  A call for Personnel Issues and NC Vision Coalition representation by delegates will be made at the full forum open meeting March 6th.


James Holman is now the chair of the Staff Issues Subcommittee.  Christina Lebonville has agreed to succeed him as chair of the Personnel Issues Committee.



Recommendations and Rationale



HR Exit survey issues should be investigated through a grievance filing. It is not clear from the material received that this is a larger issue requiring policy-side recommendations.
A letter sent to Leslie Strohm about UNC Mail Policies will be followed up on via email. No response yet received.
A call for more delegates to participate on the Personnel Issues and NC Vision Coalition via the Legislative Action Subcommittee will be made at the next full forum meeting. More representation is needed.


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