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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Personnel Issues Committee


Committee Chair: James Holman


Report Prepared by: Y. S. Dunlap


Last Meeting Date:

January 28, 2014

Delegates in Attendance: Yvonne Dunlap;    Shelby Long; Arlene Medder; Jim Fuller; James Holman; Amanda Chang



Next Meeting Date:   February 25, 2014, 134 E. Franklin Street, Room 207

Time:  11:30 a.m.


Review of Minutes from 11-28-2013

No recommendations for change or modification made to the minutes from November 28, 2013.  Minutes were received as submitted.

Key Points

Updates and Comments from the chair of the Personnel Issues Committee


The Human Resource Committee of the Staff Assembly is recommending a resolution be submitted to the University President in favor of a pay increase.  Dan Bammer wrote a draft resolution in a prior year that was not submitted and the language from that document will be used with an update based on information forthcoming in February in regard to percentages for increase.


There was also discussion in reference to a resolution against the 24 Month Probationary Period (Employee At Will – 24 Months vs. 90 days)  James will e-mail the rules (4 pages) prior to the Executive Committee Meeting.  Although this resolution will probably not bring increase or change, the EF will be on record against no increases for staff


A request was submitted from an employee in regard to her husband’s loss of ~80 of earned vacation time due to “PeopleSoft” upgrade.  This is not an uncommon request for IT Services particularly when an important upgrade is being made, although this is not a University policy.  Additional information will be requested from employee to determine if a request for the departmental policy should be obtained and reviewed.




Legislative Issues

David Fraley is unable to continue on with the Legislative Issue Committee and will be replaced by Amanda Chang along with Alouch Ooro


Staff Relations

We will continue to table the discussion in regard to a name change for “Housekeepers vs. Environmental Service Technicians”.  We would like to have more members of the committee present in addition to more research on the subject prior to the discussion



A request has been received from an employee in re:  Marriage Counseling as a Health Benefit”.  Currently marriage counseling is not a health benefit, nor is it offered through Employee Assistance Program.  A check of what is offered was made and, it appears upon checking that “marriage counseling” is excluded.  A further discussion will be held with Susan Crinscenzo about whether or not this service is offered anywhere in the University system.  If not, this issue will be elevated to the executive and vice chancellor level for discussion.


Other Business before the Committee

An e-mail message was distributed from James Holman expressing his desire to resign as Personnel Issues Chair.  It was decided that a message would be distributed to all members of the committee, in addition to the Employee Forum to see if there is interest, or a volunteer.  James will remain as chair of the committee through February.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm.



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