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The UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum

Annual Retreat Agenda

January 9, 2004

8:15 am – 4:30 pm

The Friday Center

8:15-8:45       Delegates convene and socialize

8:45-9:00       Welcome and opening remarks

Tommy Griffin (Employee Forum Chair)

9:00-9:20       (Re)Introductions (Name, Department, number of years at UNC)

9:20-9:30       Former Forum Chair John Heuer

9:30-9:45       Robert Shelton (Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost)

9:45-10:00     Nancy Suttenfield (Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration)

10:00-10:15   Laurie Charest (Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources)

10:15-10:30   Break

10:30-11:00   Judith Wegner (Chair of the Faculty)

11:00-11:15   Directions for Choosing Executive Committee Members (Katherine Graves)

11:15-11:45   Further discussion and second reading of Resolution from the Personnel Issues Committee to the Chancellor’s Task Force for a Better Workplace (Delita Wright)

11:45-12:00   Matt Tepper (Student Body President) and instructions for lunch and selecting Executive Committee members

12:00-1:00     Lunch

1:00-1:45       Team Building Workshop

Ed Neal (Center for Teaching and Learning)

1:45-2:15       Career Banding

Jerry Howerton (Director of Compensation Services, Human Resources)

2:15-2:30       Break

2:30-3:15       Forum Business Meeting

Tommy Griffin (Employee Forum Chair)

3:15-3:30       Directions for meeting with new committees (Katherine Graves)

3:30-4:00       Forum Committees Meet to discuss meeting times and goals for the year (2003 committee chairs should attend these meetings to describe this year’s accomplishments and goals)

4:00-4:30       Committees report to entire group on projected goals for 2004

4:30               Dismissal

Note: If our business gets accomplished early, we will adjourn early as well.

Adverse Weather Directions: We sincerely hope to not have any weather issues to prevent us from meeting. If Mother Nature is in a bad mood, there will be a message on the Forum Voice Mail (962-3779) announcing that the retreat is cancelled. We will also alert our conference planner (C. Hawkins) at the Friday Center (962-2628).

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