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Employee Forum Agenda — January 9, 2008

9:15 a.m.—Meeting: Wilson Library Lobby Pleasants Family Assembly Room

I.            Call to Order

II.          Welcome Guests & Members of the Press

III.        Opening Remarks

IV.         Human Resources Update

V.           Special Presentations:  Jack Evans on Carolina North Discussions (he is scheduled to appear shortly after 10 a.m.)

VI.         Stretch Time

VII.       Minutes Delayed

VIII.     Old Business

IX.        New Business

X.          Employee Presentations or Questions

XI.        Forum Committee Reports

    • Communications and Public Relations: Brenda Denzler
    • Community Affairs, Recognition, Awards and Outreach: Jane Tornow
      • Peer Recognition Awards
    • Compensation and Wages:  Alan Moran
    • Education and Career Development: Jane Majors
    • Health Benefits:  Robert Agans
    • Legislative Action:  Mike Hawkins
    • Membership and Assignments: Brian Whitling
    • Staff Relations, Policies and Practices: David Brannigan

XII.    Chair’s Report (Executive Committee):  Ernie Patterson

XIII.   Task Force/University Committee Reports

    • Board of Trustees Finance Committee—Ernie Patterson
    • University Priorities and Budget Advisory Committee—Ernie Patterson

XIV.       Announcements/Questions

XV.        “Go Around the Room”:  A Chance for Attendees to Share the Issue Most on their Minds

XIV.       Adjournment


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