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Personnel Issues Committee Minutes

Friday, July 17, 2015

2010 FedEx Global Education Center


Present: Jo-Ann Blake, Clare Counihan, Shayna Hill, James Holman, Susan Lucas, Chris Powe, Shamecia Powers, Kelli Raker


Absent: David Fraley, Kirk Montgomery, Ben Triplett, Barbara Williams, John Williams


  1. Welcome and Introductions: New members introduced themselves, including where they worked in the University.
  2. Business
    1. Reviewed 2015 draft resolution on the 10% cap on salary raises for internal promotion: last year’s committee members brought new committee members up to date on the proposal’s status. They explained the reasoning for bringing this resolution before the Forum, as well as the current process for waiving the 10% cap. Committee members should review the draft of the proposal and bring comments to the next meeting.
    2. Reviewed committee goals for 2015-2016: based on suggestions from Forum members at the annual retreat, the chair identified five potential goals (complete salary cap resolution; explore ways to improve employees’ ability to use tuition waivers towards UNC degrees, on the model of peers like NCSU and Penn; advocate for increased supervisor support for flexible work arrangement policy; explore possibility of UNC withdrawing from OSHR banding and classification system; address issues of digital access and literacy for employees). The committee discussed ways to approach each goal, including prioritizing. It agreed to complete work on the resolution as a whole, and it discussed breaking into subcommittees to work on the remaining goals.
    3. In response to the Forum chair’s request for a budget proposal, the committee considered how it might partner most effectively with the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs as it administers the campus climate survey to employees in the Fall semester. Among the options are encouraging staff to complete the survey at Employee Appreciation Day and conducting staff focus groups around issues identified by the survey. The committee agreed that it should clear any activities with DMA.
    4. Housekeeping budget cuts: the chair updated the committee on the impact of state-mandated budget cuts for Housekeeping, emphasizing that the unit had avoided layoffs by reducing overtime for crew leaders. The chair raised the question of whether this instance was a “Forum issue.” While the committee agreed that the Forum did not have a role in this single instance, it considered whether and how it might have a role in the broader conversation about state funding cuts to the university.
    5. There were no subcommittee reports as the subcommittees had not yet met.
    6. Staff email: this item was tabled until the next meeting
  3. Next meeting: August 21, 2015 in 1203 Global FedEx Education Building.


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