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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Personnel Issues Committee


Committee Chair: Yvonne Dunlap

Report Prepared by: Yvonne Dunlap


Last Meeting Date:

July 22, 2014

Delegates in Attendance: Chrissie Greenberg; Kelli Raker; Kirk Montgomery, Charles Streeter,


Admin – Matt Banks


Absent:  Rocky Rivella; Jo-Ann Blake; Everett Deloney; Karen Cheek; James Holman; David Fraley


Next Meeting Date:   August 26, 2014, 134 E. Franklin Street, Room 207

Time:  12:00 p.m.



Personnel Issues Committee Members

  • Kirk Montgomery –
  • Rocky Riviella –
  • Jo-Ann Blake –
  • Kelli Raker –
  • Everett Deloney –
  • Karen Cheek –
  • Chrissie Greenberg –
  • Yvonne Dunlap –
  • James Holman
  • David Fraley


Retreat Notes


Upcoming Topics

Prepare a letter requesting public information relating to:

  • Selective pay increases in recent year.  Be specific with request
  • Selective increases record from HR
  • Additional resolution regarding merit raises and 9.9%/year cap


Some of our projects could include:

  1. Tracking relevant bills traveling through legislature
  2. Reach out to business in order to enhance current employee discounts
  3. Legislative Day Participation – all assemblies are invited to hear and discuss bill being discussed and passed in legislature
  4. Plan a trip to a legislative meeting with Jennifer Willis. We need to show our presence in Raleigh


We should work more actively with the following people/groups:

  • Bruce Cairns – Faculty Council Chair – invitation to be active wi their Faculty Welfare Committee
  • Tim Ives – Faculty Council Welfare Committee Chair
  • Steve Leonard – Staff Assembly Chair


Volunteers for the lead positions include:


  • Chair – Yvonne Dunlap
  • Co-Chair – Amanda Chang
  • Secretary – Karen Cheek
  • Compensation and Benefits – Chrissie Greenberg; Kelli Raker
  • Legislative – Kirk Montgomery
  • Staff Relations  Chair – Rocky Riviella; Everett Deloney
  • Division II Representative – David Fraley

July 22, Meeting

Introductions and welcome to everyone.  Members present talked a little about their interest  in employee Issues and their current job responsibilities.


Kelly Raker gave a short overview of the UNC Sexual Assault Policy that will roll out with students shortly.  There has been no discussion regarding sexual assaults in reference to faculty and staff


Shelby Long is now employed by the hospital and will no longer be a forum member.  We will miss Shelby, who was the Benefits and Compensation Chair.


Chrissie Greenberg and Kirk Montgomery agreed to support the committee as representatives to the Faculty and Staff, Welfare Committee


Members present noted some issues/concerns that could be further discussed include:

  • Health benefit – smoking requirement
  • Staff perspective on night time parking
  • No communication to staff regarding lay-off until it occurs
  • Secretiveness – HR Culture – some info published, some info not published; difficulty in working with people directly; implementation of guidance; no communication of rules, guidance is crippling to staff.
  • Temporary employees and health care costs
  • Managers vs. their accountability/credibility
  • Managers and the Performance Review System
  • Where is the discussion on mandatory training for supervisors and managers.
  • Voting site needed for the campus
  • Career banking information would be helpful


Question – how much does state policy overlap UNC policies?


Chrissie and Kirk will work together on pulling together information regarding career banding; promotions and employees held at 9.9% for one year


Other Business before the Committee – no other business


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm.


Meeting minutes captured by:

Yvonne Dunlap


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