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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Personnel Issues Committee


Committee Chair: James Holman


Report Prepared by: Y. S. Dunlap


Last Meeting Date:

July 30, 2013

Delegates in Attendance: Shelby Long; Christina Rodriquez; Amanda Chang; Jill Crowder; Clifton Webb; Karen J. Cheek; David Fraley; Yvonne Dunlap; Aluoch Ooro; James Holman


Next Meeting Date:   August 27, 2013, 134 E. Franklin Street, Room 207

Time:  11:30 a.m.


Key Points

Comments from the chair on the responsibilities of the Personnel Issues Committee that include:

  • Writing Resolutions on Issues that might bring change
  • Sharing of information relevant to life at UNC with fellow workers as necessary
  • Members should also bring issues of concern that are important to the welfare and wellbeing of workers, when necessary


Discussion and review of documents distributed by the Forum Chairperson to include:


University Compliance Line resulted in the following questions:

  • When is it appropriate to use the Compliance Line?
  • Are the statistics available that might identify whether or not this line is being used?
  • Do a Public Record Search that might provide information general information about the Compliance Line
  • A. Chang will write an article on the University Compliance Line and submit  to InTouch for employee knowledge


Employee Forum Calendar

  • Provides all dates that require participation by members that may be shared with supervisors/managers


Roberts Rules of Order Motion Chart

  • Will guide future Employee Forum Meetings – members should familiarize themselves with the appropriate methods of response during future forum meetings


Code of Conduct

  • Members of the Employee Forum should be cautious about the transmittal and forwarding of e-mails to co-workers outside of the Employee forum


Meetings and expectations for attendance:

  • Executive Committee Meeting should be attended by all Sub-Committee Chairs of the PIC
  • Vice Chancellor’s Meeting is scheduled for August 8, 2013.  Any agenda item submitted should be represented by the person submitting and/or make sure that members in attendance from the PIC are aware of the issue to avoid placing agenda items that are not familiar to those in attendance


David Fraley and Alouch Ooro will work on article for the InTouch on Legislative Issues


A review of ideas for issues of interest from members of the PIC included:


Rules of Policy from the ADA Office

  • Some employees with disabilities do not have restrictive work plans, which must be approved by the ADA Office, but are allowed limited work plans causing re-distribution of work and addition burdens onto other employees.


Hiring/Promoting from within the University vs. Career Banding and the restrictive guidelines associated with the process.

  • The rules of OSP are not beneficial to the retention of current staff employees. (S. Long; J. Crowder and C. Rodriguez will draft resolution advocating for fair compensation for promoted employees vs. new hires that enter the system with higher salaries.


Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Abrupt changes in the FMLA Policy.  Supervisors now sign blank documents and have no knowledge of the reason for leave.  All FMLA is handled strictly by the AOB and Office of Human Resources


A request will be made to a Human Resource Representative to discuss questions from the PIC in regard to the following issues:


  • Disparity in Salaries with Management and Staff
  • Competitive salaries for current staff retention
  • The rationale for UNC compensation of promoted employees vs. hiring of new employees with higher salaries.
  • Mandatory Diversity Training
  • Leadership and Supervisor/Management Training
  • SPA Performance Reviews – Are departments allowed to alter the work performance outside of the University Policy for Performance Reviews, i.e., are “sets of books” allowed to record employee performance?


NC Cell Phone Policy

  • What is the Cell Phone Policy for Energy Services for emergent situations – (Y. Dunlap to send request to Lisa Daily requesting this policy)


A letter will be written in support of re-instatement of a five (5) day work week for Matthew Banks, Forum Administrator

Recommendations and Rationale


Invite a representative of the University Compliance Line to present during a forum meeting



A request will be submitted to the Education Committee for establishment of a class on Roberts of Order and Motions for Forum Members


An ADA representative should be invited to present on the American Disabilities Act and UNC during the Employee Forum Meeting


A request to HR to refresh members on Career Banding during a future Forum Meeting







Most employees and many members of the Employee Forum are not aware of the  information noted in the recommendation column



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