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March 18, 2014 Executive Committee summation

Attending (those who signed in):  Dan Barmmer, Jackie Copeland, Paula Goodman, Michael Highland, Matt McKirahan, Arlene Medder, Charles Streeter

Chair Charles Streeter noted that the committee did not have a quorum for the day and so could not carry out official business.  He moved that a committee of the whole be formed to discuss issues on the agenda without taking action.

Dan Barmmer noted that he would lead discussions of proposed Bylaws changes concerning the Chair’s and Parliamentarian’s voting privileges.  He noted that UNC-Chapel Hill law students have done a comprehensive review of the Bylaws for future consideration.  The question arose as to whether the Forum should employ Robert’s Rules of Order or Moody’s as its official parliamentary arbiter.  Matt McKirahan preferred Moody’s noting that the U.S. Congress uses this guide and that Dr. Fleming Bell of the UNC School of Government also prefers Moody’s.  The Chair, Barmmer, and McKirahan agreed to meet March 27 at the Forum Office to discuss further Bylaws revisions recommended by the law students.

The Chair noted that there was some discussion of using Sharepoint versus Sakai for Forum business.  He said that Wysija had also arisen as a possible template for Forum newsletters.  Discussion arose as to the applicability of open meetings law to work product versus e-mail chains.  Gena Carter noted that in her experience draft documents are not public information but the e-mails referring to these documents are considered public.  Dan Barmmer thought that since the Forum is a public body it should live up to a higher level of scrutiny.  He said that he had forwarded the proposed Bylaws changes to Kristen Lewis of University Counsel.

Michael Highland praised Sakai as a system already in use which may be easier for new people to learn.  The Chair said that Sakai is built into coursework but that Sharepoint is more robust.  He noted that he and Matt Banks have used Sharepoint on the administrative side of the Forum.  He said that the Forum Assistant needs to be able to access all of the Forum’s documents in one depository.  He noted that Katie Turner has conducted her group’s meetings in Sakai.

Dan Barmmer raised the question of employees being able to redact their names from documents created by the Forum.  The Chair said that these names would be preserved in hard copy only.  Michael Highland asked about the creation of a style guide for the Forum.  He asked if attorneys are allowed in closed sessions of the Forum.  Gena Carter noted that the Forum is not charged to deal with individual issues, particularly private or personal matters.  The Chair said that particularly embarrassing revelations would not be explicitly described in the Forum minutes.  It was noted that the Forum could not work with an attorney outside of University Counsel.  Dan Barmmer recalled the case of the Forum and the University Gazette, in which some delegates attempted to explore legal options with the ACLU.  He said that Vice Chancellor Brenda Malone refused to leave this meeting, meaning that the closed session never happened.  The Chair noted that the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources is specifically designated as a liaison between the Chancellor and the Forum.  Matt McKirahan said that a closed session can occur for only certain reasons.

The Chair asked that the Forum discuss a proposed Earth Day event on April 22 at the Forum meeting.  Arlene Medder said that she was uncertain if the Carolina Campus Community Garden planned an event for that day.  Michael Highland proposed coordinating with the Grounds department on this event.

The Chair said that the Forum should consider a sexual assault prevention resolution on its April agenda.  The committee discussed possible speakers to support the resolution, in honor of sexual assault prevention month.

The Chair said that there would soon be a notice sent to the divisional listservs regarding Forum elections.

The Chair said that the Forum needs to decide about its involvement in the UNC System Staff Assembly golf tournament.  Each System institution is scheduled to sponsor a hole at the event.  The Forum must decide if it will decorate a hole and if it will form a team.

There was no report from the Communications and Public Relations committee.  Matt McKirahan said that the Education & Career Development committee will continue work on the professional staff development fund application.

The Chair said it was important for the Forum to nominate its 3-Legged Stool award winner for the UNC System Staff Assembly’s Bowles award.

Paula Goodman said that the Membership & Assignments committee will contact Myra Quick for information on possible caterers.

The Chair said that a hot memo should go out soliciting delegate nominations, peer recognition award nominations, and Community Award nominations.  Michael Highland raised the idea of digital signage in the Student Union with information on these topics.  Nominations for the Kay Wijnberg Hovious Outstanding Delegate award will be made by Forum delegates in April.

The Chair said that he would contact Anna Wu about getting electronic voting stations established for Division 2 and 3 employees.  He suggested April 16 or 17 as possible times for the elections.

There was no further discussion.

Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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