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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Personnel Issues Committee


Committee Chair: Christina Lebonville

Report Prepared by:

Christina Lebonville

Last Meeting Date:


Delegates in Attendance

Christina Lebonville, Ellen Donna Brooks, Amanda Chang, Yvonne Dunlap

Next Meeting Date:   April 30th , 2013

Time: 11:30am


Key Points


Questions were brought up about the mandatory supervisory training mentioned by HR Vice Chancellor Brenda Malone at the last full forum meeting.  It was unclear as to why and how the training was to be implemented and whether a component of this would include diversity training.  We will be drafting a letter to send to Ms. Malone to inquire further about the training.


As per the last Executive Committee meeting, the NC Vision Coalition will receive forum representation under the Personnel Issues Committee’s Legislative Action Subcommittee.  Ellen has agreed to serve as Forum Representative.  Details of the representation will be worked out with the NC Vision Coalition.  Representation is unlikely to allow for attendance to each monthly meeting and so a method to acquire meeting minutes and stay involved as much as time allows will be worked out.


The committee then freely brainstormed possible issues to include as a list of goals for the upcoming year.  Over the next month, delegates will continue to gather ideas and goals to help compose the mission plan before new delegates join the committee in June.



Recommendations and Rationale



A letter requesting additional information about mandatory supervisory training will be drafted to send to Chancellor Malone. It is not clear what plans for supervisory training are.
Official representation will begin pending working out logistical details with the NC Vision Coalition. Time limitations to not permit attendance to weekly meetings.
Delegates will keep eyes and ears open for potential issues staff are experiencing as well as ways to improve the staff experience at Carolina. A list of goals for the upcoming year is needed.

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