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November 15, 2016 Executive Committee minutes

Attending (those who signed in):  Bryan Andregg, Bonita Brown, Gena Carter, Clare Counihan, Phillip Edwards, Jim Fuller, Lori Haight, Shayna Hill, Katie Musgrove, Natiaya Neal, Deborah Norton, Kathy Ramsey, Ricky Roach, Charles Streeter, Ben Triplett

Excused Absences:  Kathy James, Kelli Raker, Greg Smith, Kewana Smith

Chair Charles Streeter called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.  He asked for a motion to approve the October minutes.  Katie Musgrove made this motion, seconded by Deborah Norton.  The motion was approved with one abstention.

Shayna Hill and Matt Banks presented the Forum’s monthly budget report.  Banks noted the possibility of a vacation overage affecting the Forum budget.  He noted that the Forum needs to obtain a check from UNC General Administration for the October trip to Cullowhee for the UNC System Staff Assembly.

The Chair asked if the committee wished to have a December holiday meal in lieu of a half-day retreat at the Friday Center in January, as had been budgeted.  The committee agreed to this idea by acclamation.  The Chair asked that Banks make arrangements for Tuesday, December 13th at 12:30 p.m. in the Hickory Tavern in Carrboro.

The Chair noted that the Carolina Family Scholarship will meet before the end of the week to discuss presentation details for the December 7th Forum meeting.   He recalled the history of the Scholarship fund since its beginning with former employee Bruce Egan.  He noted that Chancellor Carol Folt will be present at the Forum’s December meeting.

The Chair asked that Forum delegates respond to a Qualtrics survey to indicate what potluck dishes they plan to bring to the December social.  He said that the Forum would pay for coffee and orange juice that morning.  Clare Counihan noted that the Forum would need to pay a $50 potluck fee in addition to the 20% that the Stone Center normally charges for meals in the Hitchcock Multipurpose Room.

The Chair indicated that Transportation and Parking will present the figures for the University’s new five year transit plan.  He asked that the Forum confirm the department’s attendance for December.

The Chair said that he, Shayna Hill, and Katie Turner had attended the UNC System strategic planning session.  He noted discussions of Board of Governors effectiveness, service, and research critical needs.  The Forum group worked to communicate staff concerns about possibilities of reducing the workforce in light of the “increasing opportunities for North Carolina” language included in System documents at the meeting.  Shayna Hill was hopeful about the process.  The Chairs said that the Board of Governors will send out a draft document reflecting the discussions in the New Year.  He noted that the University’s own strategic initiative was taking place in parallel with the UNC System’s.  Shayna Hill said that metrics were lacking to capture all the benefits of working staff.  The Chair noted that the political composition of the Board of Governors may change with the recent election.

Ben Triplett asked about the number of employees who would be affected by the possible night parking plan.  The Chair said that around 300 employees might be affected.  He would have more information following the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT) meeting on November 16th.  He would send the committee documents from the previous ACT meeting.

Jim Fuller reported that the 18th Holiday Blood Drive will take place Tuesday, December 13th from 7:30-1 p.m. in the Fetzer Gymnasium.

There was no update from the Carolina Campus Community Garden.  The Chair hoped that the Forum could work with the Garden on an Earth Day event.

Lori Haight noted that the Communications and Public Relations committee will meet Thursday.  She asked Matt Banks to help send out thank-you notes to scavenger hunt prize contributors.

Katie Musgrove reported that the Community Service committee will meet December 7th to discuss a community service initiative for campus.  She hoped that the Forum could help obtain official approval for this initiative that would aid efforts such as Hurricane Matthew relief and Habitat for Humanity work.

Clare Counihan noted that the Education and Career Development committee will meet to discuss the professional development grant program and to plan the upcoming mini-conference on higher education.   The Chair proposed that the committee attempt to find a “name” keynote speaker for the mini-conference.

The Membership & Assignments committee will work on plans for the 25th anniversary celebration of the Forum.  The Forum will need to plan and find a budget for this effort.

Bryan Andregg of the Personnel Issues committee reported that the School of Pharmacy’s method of providing feedback to supervisors had been discussed.  Additionally, the committee sought to work with the Community Service committee on Human Resources wellness initiatives.  The committee sought to commission a staff survey at some point.

The Chair asked if there was any news regarding the Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs search.  Gena Carter said that she had not heard anything but would follow up.

There was no report from the Recognition & Awards committee.

The Chair had no report from the UNC System Staff Assembly.

Ben Triplett asked about parking for night-time employees at Employee Appreciation Day.  He said that these employees had no parking and had to use paylots for this event.  The Chair said he would ask about this situation.  Triplett assumed that the entire work day was free for employees.  He said that providing free parking could increase the number of employees attending.

Kathy Ramsey asked when the University clears lots for athletic events.  The Chair noted that the Rams Club in fact owns the lots that most employees use.  Natiaya Neal noted a difficulty with needing to work into the evening during an athletic event and being ticketed in spite of contacting Transportation and Parking beforehand.  She eventually was able to resolve the ticket but at the cost of some stress and uncertainty.  Shayna Hill thought it common that people placed on the “Do Not Ticket” list are not passed on to enforcing attendants.  Katie Musgrove asked about obtaining game day passes for employees working late.  Neal said that she had e-mailed the general Transportation and Parking address but knew this year to do more in advance of the event.

The Chair noted that this year Transportation and Parking has a new system that allows attendants to look up license plates.  Natiaya Neal commented that the Cardinal deck is very strict in enforcing parking rules.  The Chair said that attendants are likely reacting to students evading fees by parking past 6 p.m. in the Cardinal deck.  The Chair said that he would bring up these questions at the December Forum meeting.

Clare Counihan also noted that service passes are often very strictly enforced, leading her to need to catch buses late at night to get home after a 9 p.m. event.  The Chair said that these permit require active loading and unloading.  Natiaya Neal said that no one seems to park in the service spaces in her area.  Counihan said that her use of the permit is work-related.

In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned by acclamation at 12:19 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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