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UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum

Hitchcock Multipurpose Room, Sonja H. Stone Center

NOTE:  This is a draft agenda and is subject to change without advance notice.

I.  Call to Order—Chair Charles Streeter (9:15 a.m. – 9:20 a.m.)

  • Welcome to Guests & Members of the Press

II. Special Presentations (9:20 a.m. – 9:55 a.m.)

  • Alex Mitchell, UNC Habitat for Humanity

III. Human Resources Update – Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Linc Butler (10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.)

IV. Old Business (10:35 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.)

  • Approval of September Minutes (SharePoint Link, Delegate-Only Access)
  • Approval of October Minutes (SharePoint Link, Delegate-Only Access)

V.  New Business (10:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.)

VI. Forum Committees (11:00 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.)

  • Communications and Public Relations: Kelli Raker
  • Community Service:  Katie Musgrove
    • Carolina Blood Drive:  Jim Fuller
    • Carolina Community Garden Advisory:
  • Education and Career Development: Katie Cartwell/LaToya Taylor
    • Carolina Family Scholarship:  Jacquelyn Copeland
  • Membership & Assignments:  Kathy James
  • Personnel Issues:  Bryan Andregg
    • Compensation & Benefits:  Christine Greenberg
    • Legislative Action:  Phil Edwards
    • Staff Relations, Policies & Practices:  Ben Triplett
  • Recognition & Awards:  Natiaya Neal
  • UNC System Staff Assembly: Kathy Ramsey/James Holman/Charles Streeter/Kewana Smith
  • Executive Committee: Charles Streeter

VII. Announcements/Questions (11:20 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)

VIII.  Adjournment


November 2, 2016 Employee Forum minutes

Attending (those who signed in):  Sharon Brinson, Clare Counihan, Mary Dahlsten, Phillip Edwards, David Fraley, Lori Haight, Shannon Harvey, Shayna Hill, James Holman, Kathy James, Mary King, Jeanna Mccullers, Deborah Norton, Michael Penny, Paula Poe, Krista Prince, Kelli Raker, Kathy Ramsey, Ricky Roach, David Rogers, Greg Smith, Charles Streeter, LaToya Taylor, Ben Triplett

Excused Absences:  Bonita Brown, Tiffany Carver, Susan Lucas, Katie Musgrove, Jackie Overton

Chair Charles Streeter called the meeting to order at 9:16 a.m.  He noted that the University will host President Barack Obama on campus later that afternoon.  He noted that the Forum’s scavenger hunt had gone very well.  Lori Haight noted the large amount of interest in the hunt on Twitter.  Similarly, the Forum’s food drive had culminated in October.  Ricky Roach reported that the drive had raised 1,442 pounds plus $200 for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.  In addition, the drive raised 412 pounds plus $40 for the UNC Carolina Cupboard.  This totaled approximately 2,761 meals.  Clare Counihan announced that the Carolina Women’s Center will hold an event on college and financial aid at 4 p.m. that afternoon and on women’s political issues at 6 p.m., both in the Stone Center.

The Chair noted that the UNC-Chapel Hill Strategic Plan meetings will take place in the next week.  In addition, the UNC System Strategic Plan meetings will take place on November 10th.  The Chair reminded delegates of their eight hours/month allocated for Forum service.  He asked them to represent the Forum and the University at these meetings.

The Chair asked for feedback regarding the University’s new five year parking plan.  He said that the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT) had received options from Transportation and Parking that did not include the nighttime option.  He said that without nighttime parking, the average permit holder would find their annual fee increasing $250 at the end of five years.  He had invited Transportation and Parking officials to present at the December Forum meeting.  He asked for delegate feedback on this idea.  A delegate asked if anyone would have to pay for night parking.  The Chair said that anyone accessing campus with a vehicle at night through a kiosk or parking pass would have to pay.  He noted that daytime parking pass holders would not need nighttime permits, but the reverse did not apply.  He added that daytime parking permit holders bear the most burden for cost increases.

Krista Prince commented that the cost of purchasing two permits would be quite a lot for employees forced to stay into the evening hours.  Ricky Roach commented that night shift employees should pay the equivalent of what day shift employees pay to park.  Clare Counihan noted that the parking permit fees are set on a sliding scale based on income.  She noted that second- and third-shift employees are among the least compensated at the University.  The Chair noted that nighttime employees receive premium shift differential.  Shannon Harvey observed that there should be more transit options at 4 a.m. for night-shift employees.  The Chair said that he would raise the question when representatives of Public Safety address the Forum in December.  He noted that students had already agreed to a nighttime parking fee in the previous round of discussions.

Michael Penny asked if the policy would involve seven days or five days of the week.  He asked if the Chair could estimate the amount of revenue the University claims per parking ticket.  The Chair noted that all parking ticket revenue goes to the Orange County Public School system, under State law.  Clare Counihan thought it important to point out the cost of parking rises due to a lack of State funding.  The Chair said that the State does not supply any revenue for parking costs, leaving each institution to generate its own parking revenue.

James Holman asked if the Town could donate this money.  The Chair said that the departmental transit fee supports Chapel Hill Transit buses, allowing students, employees, and citizens to ride for free.  Kelli Raker asked that the Forum structure its discussions around concrete information.  The Chair said that he sought discussion on this topic to inform his involvement in the November 9th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT).

Ricky Roach asked what his parking permit fees go to support, given that there are no cameras in the lots, break-ins occur often without repercussion, and spaces seem not to have been paved in 25 years.  The Chair said that departments contribute 48% of the Chapel Hill Transit budget through the departmental transit fee.  He said that this money does not go to pave lots or decks.  Ben Triplett said that if there is a distinction between day- and night-time parking, there should be flexibility for those arriving early or working late.  He said that some staff cannot realistically leave at a set time each day.  Krista Prince noted the complications of athletic events and weekend parking, as well.  She said that she is unable to negotiate the parking permit rules when taking students on trips related to their classwork.

Associate Vice Chancellor Linc Butler presented the Forum’s customary Human Resources update.  He thanked everyone involved for their good work on the Employee Appreciation Event.  Senior Director for Human Resources Communication and Talent Development Kathy Bryant also thanked the many staff who supported the event.

Benefits Manager Shauna Stackhouse noted that State Health Plan enrollment has been extended to November 5th due to the difficulties associated with Hurricane Matthew.  She noted that the University had 11,739 employees enrolled, with 3,948 enrolled in the 70/30 plan.  Two thousand, three hundred and fourteen employees had not completed their tobacco attestation, an oversight that will cost them money if not corrected.  Six thousand, five hundred and sixty-six employees are enrolled in the 80/20 plan and another 1,225 employees are in the Consumer-Directed Health Plan.  Ben Triplett confirmed that Human Resources offices on Airport Drive will be open from 9-4 p.m., Friday, November 4th to help employees with plan enrollment.

Stackhouse said that the State will allow individual employees up to eighty hours of management approved leave time for work associated with their primary residence required in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  This leave must be taken with the approval of a department manager or supervisor and is available until December 31, 2016.  Lori Haight asked what documentation is needed for the leave.  Stackhouse said that repair bills can be requested and provided as documentation.

Kathy Bryant reminded the Forum of the upcoming Tar Heel Tribute to Salute Veterans occurring on November 10th.  She asked delegates to inform her about employee veterans or employees with veteran spouses or children.  Additionally, an Empowering Carolina event will take place to celebrate diversity on campus November 18th in the Great Hall of the Student Union.  John Register, the US Paralympian, will provide a message about disability and what it brings to communities.

Linc Butler reminded delegates about the holiday schedule, particularly the University closed day on Thursday, December 29th.  He said that the decision to keep the University closed from Monday, December 26th, to Friday, December 30th will save the University approximately $250,000 in energy costs.  Four of those days are designated holidays, but employees should plan to use vacation, bonus, or compensatory leave for the University closed day on December 29th.  The Chair noted a question from a unit about employees working from home that day.  Butler said that legitimate business requiring work from home is up to managerial discretion.  However, the University campus will close for business December 29th.  The Chair summed up that critical and needed employees will still be able to work that day but other employees will not.  Krista Prince asked why the University will have a vacation day January 2nd, 2017, but not December 29th, 2016.  Butler said that the January 2nd holiday is specifically dedicated to the New Year’s Holiday.  Kathy Bryant said that this option had been considered but a decision was made not to pull over holidays into the next calendar year. Clare Counihan confirmed that employees must individually enter the leave day through TIM.  Linc Butler said that Community Service Leave will be available for that day only if approved beforehand by an employee’s supervisor.

The Chair called for a motion to approve the September minutes.  Kathy James made this motion, seconded by Kathy Ramsey.  The motion was approved by acclamation.  The Chair called for a motion to approve the October minutes.  Kathy Ramsey made this motion, seconded by Kathy James.  The motion was approved by acclamation.

The Chair said that the Forum had no new business.

Kelli Raker said that the Communications and Public Relations committee had finalized the book club schedule through spring of 2017.  She said that the club will make sure that the books are available for discount and display in the Bull’s Head Bookshop.  She asked those with articles for InTouch to submit these articles soon.

Ricky Roach said that the Community Service committee had invited a speaker from Habitat for Humanity to speak on the Build a Block initiative.  Roach noted the food drive’s success and invited people to attend the December 13th blood drive in Fetzer Gymnasium.

Krista Prince said that the Education and Career Development committee had worked on the higher education conference scheduled for May 2017.  Committee members have written articles for the InTouch “Career Corner” page.  The Chair asked to meet with Prince and the committee to discuss the structure of the Professional Development Grant award process.

David Rogers said that the Personnel Issues committee had discussed the inclusion of a full-time equivalent employee in the Human Resources budget to support a University wellness initiative.  Rogers also noted employee questions regarding a discrepancy in accepting employee tuition waivers among various University schools.  He said that Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives Carol Tresolini will review these policies.  Rogers said that the committee also sought to survey staff on a variety of issues.  The committee also sought information on 270 degree evaluations of supervisors and employees done at the School of Pharmacy.  Deborah Norton would have more information at the next meeting.

Natiaya Neal reported that the Recognition & Awards committee had not met this month.

Kathy James reported that the Membership & Assignments committee will host the Forum’s pot luck social on December 7th.  The committee will seek donations for the meeting from delegates.  The committee will also seek prize drawing donations from local businesses.  The committee will work to plan the Forum’s 25th anniversary event in conjunction with the Executive Committee.  James welcomed suggestions from delegates.

The Chair noted that the UNC System Staff Assembly Chancellors’ Cup golf tournament will take place May 17, 2017 at the Tobacco Road golf club in Sanford.  He asked those interested in helping with this effort to contact Kathy James about volunteering or playing in the tournament.  James said that the golf tournament needs sponsors as well.

The Chair reported that he, Kathy Ramsey, Kathy James had attended the recent UNC System Staff Assembly meeting at Western Carolina University.  The Chair had been elected Communications Officer for the Assembly.  The Chair noted that the Assembly had met with Chancellor David Belcher of Western Carolina University.  Kathy James noted that other campuses do not receive the same information that the UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum obtains.

Ben Triplett asked about the effect of the new $500 tuition on the three UNC campuses.  The Chair said that there were no public comments on this subject.  He advocated a “wait and see” approach to this issue.

The Chair asked for further discussion.  Ricky Roach asked about the State imposing a ceiling on future health insurance costs in the future.

Kathy James made a motion to adjourn.  The motion was approved by acclamation and the meeting adjourned at 10:17 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Banks, Recording Secretary


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