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Employee Forum Agenda

November 3, 2010

9:15 a.m.—-Meeting: Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Wilson Library

I.            Call to Order

II.           Welcome Guests & Members of the Press

III.         Special Presentations

    • Leslie Strohm, General Counsel and Erin O’Meara, Electronic Records Archivist
    • Julie Ellis of University Targeted Staffing
    • Patti Thorp, on UNC Build a Block (10 a.m.)

IV.          Human Resources Update—Vice Chancellor Brenda Malone

V.          Approval of October Minutes

VI.       Old Business

VII.         New Business

VIII.         Forum Committee Reports

  • Communications and Public Relations: Carrie Goldsmith
  • Community Affairs and Outreach: Sarah Poteete
  • Compensation & Benefits:
  • Education and Career Development:
  • Legislative Action: Danny Nguyen
  • Membership & Assignments: Myra Quick
  • Recognition & Awards:  Chris Meinecke
  • Staff Relations, Policies & Practices: James Holman
  • UNC System Staff Assembly:  Chuck Brink
  • Executive Committee: Jackie Overton

IX.       Announcements/Questions

X.        Adjournment


November 3, 2010 Employee Forum Minutes

Chair Jackie Overton called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. She welcomed guests and members of the press. She was pleased to note that Chuck Brink had been elected UNC System Staff Assembly chair elect. Brink said that it was a great honor to be elected. The Chair also praised the organization of the Employee Appreciation Fair. She expressed condolences for David Fraley’s passing mother.

The Chair introduced Kara Simmons, Associate University Counsel, to make a presentation on public records and e-mail. Simmons outlined the definition of a public record and the obligations of University employees who must produce these records upon request. Employees are not obligated to produce social security numbers, student education records, or medical information. Simmons described the University’s policy on electronic information. She noted the process that must occur before the University can access an employee’s e-mail account. Simmons said that the extent of access allowed is only that reasonably necessary to acquire information for legitimate purposes. She said that employees would do best to use a separate account for personal e-mail. James Holman asked if the person whose e-mail has been accessed by the University would be notified of this access. Simmons said that there are occasions, such as when an employee is unavailable when sick, on vacation, or in the hospital, when the employee will not be notified. Joshua Boone asked when public records requests must be satisfied, and Simmons said that the University Counsel’s office tries to answer requests as quickly as possible. She said that people with public records questions could contact Regina Stabile in the University Counsel’s office.

Erin O’Meara spoke on the University’s electronic retention guidelines. She noted that the University had shifted to one records retention schedule. She noted that University Archives contains documents dating back to the 1700s. She also said that departments should transfer their minutes and other documents regularly so that the University can remember how these organizations accomplished their goals. O’Meara did not recommend that departments keep everything they’ve done without depositing documents to University Archives. In response to a question about the discoverability of deleted files deleted from the deleted file box, O’Meara said that the University was still weighing whether to follow an executive order that all e-mails must be sent to archives for 10 years.

Julie Ellis of University Targeted Staffing (UTS) noted that her office is located in the Administrative Office Building. UTS works to supply temporary staffing to University departments by thoroughly screening temporaries prior to presenting these temporaries to departments. Potential candidates apply via an on-line application process. Ellis said that the shortest term that temporaries serve is two weeks. Vice Chancellor Brenda Malone noted that Tar Heel Temporaries, the previous temping agency for the University, had closed as there was no long sufficient business to sustain it as a self-funding agency. UTS provides these services in a different funding model with a different customer base in cooperation with NC State University.

Malone gave the Forum’s customary Human Resources update. She praised those responsible for the Employee Appreciation Day, particularly Senior Director for Employee Benefits and Services Brian Usischon. She also praised Senior Associate Director of the Carolina Union Debra Watkins for making the event possible and successful. Malone asked employees to consider giving to the Carolina Cares/Carolina Shares program. Malone noted that the revisions to the University grievance policy had received approval from the State Personnel Commission. These revisions will take effect January 1, 2011. Employees will receive a copy of these revisions via hot memo and Human Resources will hold information sessions to answer questions.

Patti Thorp, wife of Chancellor Holden Thorp, spoke on the University’s Build a Block campaign. Thorp noted that a student had approached the Orange County Habitat for Humanity organization noting that 14 of 18 candidate homeowners were UNC employees. This student proposed that the organization speed the process of building homes, instead building ten homes in ten months. She noted that the Health Care System, the campus Greek organizations, the Kenan-Flagler Business School and the Employee Forum, among others, have sponsored houses. The Forum sponsored house had received a $35,000 grant from the Board of Trustees. Thorp said that the University had extended community service time for employees to work on the houses during the work week. On November 6, the Forum will hold its first sponsored Build a Block session with student s and faculty from 12:30-4:30 p.m. The Chair praised Gary Moss for his idea to hold the joint session.

The Chair asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the October meeting. She noted that Ashley Fogle was incorrectly identified in the minutes, and that the kick-off event for the Build a Block campaign was October 10. The Forum approved the minutes as amended.

There was no old or new business.

Carrie Goldsmith said that Brenda Denzler would be the guest editor of InTouch this month. Sarah Poteete said that the Carolina Community Garden Advisory Committee had sought Facilities Services representation on the committee and had contacted James Holman and Bill Burston. It was noted that the Education and Career Development committee needs a chair. Danny Nguyen of the Legislative Action committee said that the group had changed its meeting time to the last Tuesday of the month. He noted that House Bill 961, a reform bill, had been approved and would affect employees by expanding the amount of employee records information to be shared with the public. Myra Quick of the Membership and Assignments committee said that group would meet in the spring. She welcomed Peggy Cotton to the group. The Recognition and Awards committee will hold its recognition events in the spring. James Holman said that the Staff Relations, Policies, and Practices committee will hold its meeting on November 18 this month in order not to conflict with Thanksgiving. Denise Mabe asked if the School of Education might forgive the debt that some employees owe due to the vacation hours audit given the move by the Employment Security Commission. Chuck Brink said that he and UNC System Staff Assembly Chair Kelley Eaves-Boykin would meet with new UNC System President Thomas Ross soon. The Chair said that the Executive Committee was working to rewrite its bylaws in cooperation with the School of Law. She said that Nguyen would work with the committee to create a series of virtual committee meetings. She also sought to increase the visibility of the Forum through branding of t-shirts and other items. The Forum discussed the design of the t-shirts.

In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 11:07 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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