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Employee Forum Agenda

9:15 a.m.–Meeting: Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Wilson Library

I.   Call to Order & Opening Remarks—Chair Charles Streeter

  • Open call for announcements and questions for the end of the meeting

II.  Welcome to Guests & Members of the Press

III. Special Presentations

  • Carol Folt, UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor
    • Carol L. Folt took office as Carolina’s 11th chancellor and first woman leader on July 1, 2013.An internationally recognized environmental scientist and award-winning teacher, Folt served as interim president of Dartmouth College during 2012-2013. She also was Dartmouth Professor of Biological Sciences at the prestigious Ivy League institution. Folt was formally installed as chancellor on University Day, October 12th, which marked Carolina’s 220th birthday. She says the transformative power of public higher education is flourishing at the University.In her installation address, Folt laid out an ambitious agenda for the future. “I believe that Carolina can be the leader in shaping the path for the great public universities in America. By preserving excellence and innovation, access and affordability, and a deep commitment to the state, we can gather strength to innovate and meet new challenges.”An Akron, Ohio, native, Folt is a proud product of public higher education. Her parents were the first in their families to attend college. She worked her way through the University of California at Santa Barbara as a waitress, earning a bachelor’s degree in aquatic biology in 1976 and a master’s degree in biology two years later. She received her doctorate in ecology in 1982 from the University of California at Davis and did postdoctoral work at the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station of Michigan State University.

      After joining the Dartmouth faculty in 1983, Folt rose steadily through the academic and administrative ranks. She was named associate director of Dartmouth’s Toxic Metals Research Program in 1998, and two years later became associate director of the Center for Environmental Health Sciences. In 2001, she was appointed dean of graduate studies and associate dean of the faculty for interdisciplinary programs. She was promoted to dean of the faculty in 2004, tapped as acting provost in 2009, and named provost in 2010.

      As interim president, Folt helped identify opportunities for greater collaboration across schools to enhance academic quality and competitiveness, oversaw growth in global partnerships, and augmented support for faculty, student and community entrepreneurship and technological innovation. She spearheaded a year-long focus on the arts, co-education and the future of higher education. As provost, she led the first strategic planning process, engaging hundreds of faculty, staff and students. Following the economic downturn, she co-led efforts to resolve a $100-million budget gap.

      Folt’s research has focused on the effects of dietary mercury and arsenic on human and ecosystem health, salmonid fisheries management and restoration, and global climate change. She and colleagues developed new technologies to assess mercury exposure and formed regional, national and international partnerships to shape public policy for safer waters. She is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

      Folt is married to David Peart, a professor of biological sciences at Dartmouth. They have two adult children, Noah and Tessa.  (

  • Alexis Barlow, Assistant Sports Marketing Director
    • Alexis Barlow joined UNC Sports Marketing as an assistant director in June of 2014, coming to Carolina after a stint with the Vanderbilt University athletic department.  She oversees all marketing efforts for the Tar Heel men’s & women’s soccer and men’s and women’s lacrosse programs. A former basketball student-athlete, Henderson earned a B.S. in sports marketing/management and a B.A. in communications in electronic media from Xavier University in 2005.  She went on to receive her law degree from Marquette University in 2010.  Barlow also has worked at the NCAA and in the Marquette and New Mexico athletic departments.
  • Jonathan Oberlander, Professor of Social Medicine
    • Jonathan Oberlander is professor and Vice Chair of Social Medicine and Health Policy & Management at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  He also holds an adjunct appointment in the Department of Political Science.  His research interests include health care politics and policy, health care reform, Medicare, American politics, and public policy. Dr. Oberlander is author of The Political Life of Medicare (University of Chicago Press, 2003).  He is also co-editor of the 3-volume series The Social Medicine Reader, 2nd ed., (Duke University Press, 2005).  His articles have appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Health Affairs, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, and Law & Contemporary Problems.  Recent articles have examined topics ranging from Medicare’s prescription drug benefit to lessons from past health reform episodes and the fight over renewing the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  Dr. Oberlander is currently working on a book project on the politics of health reform.  He is also working on a series of articles about cost control and health reform during the Obama administration. In the School of Medicine, Dr. Oberlander teaches in the first-year Medicine & Society course and also teaches a seminar on health care policy to second-year medical students.  In the Department of Health Policy & Management, he teaches courses on health care reform to masters, Ph.D., and DrPH students in the School of Public Health. Oberlander holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in political science from Yale University, and a B.A. in political science from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

IV.    Human Resources Update—Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity, and Engagement Felicia Washington

V.      Approval of September Minutes  (Sharepoint Link, Delegate-Only Access)

VI.     Old Business

VII.   New Business

  • Sign-Ups for Employee Appreciation Day Table Shifts
  • Nomination of Karen Jenkins for Forum Secretary
  • Nomination of Kirk Montgomery for UNC System Staff Alternate

VIII.  Forum Committees

  • Carolina Blood Drive: Todd Hux
  • Carolina Community Garden Advisory: Arlene Medder
  • Communications and Public Relations: Katie Turner
  • Education and Career Development: Andy Eaker
  • Membership & Assignments:
  • Recognition & Awards:
  • Personnel Issues:  Yvonne Dunlap
    • Compensation & Benefits:  Chrissie Greenberg/Kelli Raker
    • Legislative Action:  Kirk Montgomery
    • Staff Relations, Policies & Practices:  Everett Deloney/Rocky Riviella
  • UNC System Staff Assembly: Shane Hale/James Holman/Charles Streeter
  • Executive Committee: Charles Streeter

IX.     Announcements/Questions

X.      Adjournment


October 1, 2014 Employee Forum minutes

Attending (those who signed in):  Bonita Brown, Deborah Bush, Ronald Campbell, Tiffany Carver, Tammy Cox, Lois Douglass-Alston, Andy Eaker, Josh Ferrari, Oscar Fleming, Paula Goodman, Shane Hale, Michael Highland, Todd Hux, Karen Jenkins-Cheek, Matt McKirahan, Arlene Medder, Whitney Mohr, Kirk Montgomery, Jackie Overton, Stacey Owen, Kelli Raker, Anna Schwab, Renee Sherman, Charles Streeter


Chair Charles Streeter called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.  He thanked the Chancellor’s Office and the Office of Human Resources for supporting the Forum financially.  He noted that the Forum has commissioned t-shirts with the new design for all delegates.  He asked that delegates pick up their t-shirts at the end of the meeting and wear them to Employee Appreciation Day October 17.  He noted the investiture of Dr. Rosalind Fuse-Hall as the 17th President of Bennett College on the weekend.  He was pleased to mingle with so many other UNC alumni at that event.

The Chair presented a slide show detailing the work of the Forum through the month of October.  He noted that ConnectCarolina officially launched on October 1.  He noted the many employees who have worked hard on this project for many months.  University Day will take place Sunday, October 12.  The Chair asked delegates to represent staff employees in the processional, representing a complete spectrum of the University community.  He continues to ask that staff turn out to sit beside faculty in the assembly that afternoon.  He would send out a message to the divisional listservs asking employees to contact their departments about processing that day.

On Monday and Tuesday, October 13-14, the UNC System Staff Assembly will hold its annual meeting.  UNC System Staff Assembly delegates are the Chair, Shane Hale, and James Holman.  The Forum Executive Committee has asked that a UNC employee be nominated for the Erskine B. Bowles Staff Service award.  The Forum will co-sponsor a blood drive on Tuesday, October 14 with the goal of collecting 300 pints of blood.  The Chair praised Forum Treasurer Tammy Cox for arriving at the idea of a Forum Twitter class, which will be taught Thursday, October 16 by Professor Andy Bechtel.  Employees attending this class will learn about how to Tweet, set up accounts, and develop strategies using the medium.

On Friday, October 17, Human Resources will host Employee Appreciation Day.  The Chair noted that the Forum will have a table that need staffing with Forum delegates.  Human Resources is also in need of volunteers to work the day’s many activities.  Saturday, October 18, staff will have the opportunity to attend the UNC-Georgia Tech football game for a price of $10 a ticket.  Forum delegates will receive free tickets for the event.  Finally, at the end of the month, the Chair noted that the Forum will need to produce an outcomes report on its work.  He was pleased to have been asked to produce this report along with many other units at the University.

The Chair recognized guests and members of the press.  He then welcomed Chancellor Carol Folt to present opening remarks to the Forum.  Folt led the room in a series of introductions.  She noted that her understanding of the University was much different in this her second year as Chancellor.  She praised the incredible work of the University community on Title IX and sexual assault issues, student move-ins, scholarships and financial aid, student teaching advisors, Transportation and Parking, and many other units.  She noted the work of Public Safety to handle security in this difficult situation following the death of UNC professor Feng Liu.  She also praised University technical workers for their efforts to implement ConnectCarolina and, at the Medical School, the EPIC computer system.  She was proud to have represented UNC-Chapel Hill at the investiture of Dr. Fuse-Hall at Bennett College.  She said the event was a fantastic celebration.

Folt said that the Employee Forum represents one of the most important aspects of the University as an institution.  She hoped that relationships between the Forum and her administration could continue and deepen.  She was very happy to work with new Vice Chancellor for Workplace Strategy, Equity, and Engagement Felicia Washington, adding that everyone loved previous Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Brenda Malone.  Folt felt supported by the entire senior leadership, having added a number of administrators to her team from across campus including Debbie Dibbert as chief of staff.

Folt said that she would meet with Governor Pat McCrory that afternoon.  She had invited Governor McCrory to speak at University Day and she looked forward to the occasion greatly.  She noted that the University continues to rank highly in various rankings of universities and colleges.  To begin, UNC-Chapel Hill was ranked #5 in the list of public universities ranked by U.S. News & World Report.  She said that internationally UNC-Chapel Hill is recognized in the top 50 institutions.  Kiplinger, as always, ranks UNC-Chapel Hill number one for value plus excellence.  She noted that the Kiplinger editors were generally baffled as to how the University maintains the low of level of tuition that it charges.  Folt noted that UNC-Chapel Hill ranks in country’s elite institutions that graduate over 75% of students within four years.  She was pleased that the University ranks among the great private institutions of the nation.  She noted that UNC-Chapel Hill deals in a volume greater than the top twenty schools put together.

Folt was proud that the University has increased its share of research dollars even as it has endured frozen salaries and cuts to its budget.  The University has increased its share of patents won from 9th to 1st in the country in four years.  She praised faculty, staff, and students as part of this incredible record.  She noted that the editors of the Wall Street Journal consider UNC-Chapel Hill to be the greatest public university in the United States.  She said that all involved must do all we can to maintain and improve this record of excellence.

Folt said that her administration has worked to provide salary supplements without asking units to cut budgets for EPA employees.  She noted that the University will also work to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act for temporary employees without asking units to cut their budgets.  She noted that State revenue is not as strong as previous but she observed that the University’s core values are still strong.

Regarding night parking, Folt noted recent reports that 70% of staff employees indicated they agreed with the decision to delay this program.  However, 30% disagreed with this decision.  She had decided that the University will cover costs lost by the delay of night parking.  Folt said that safety is her top issue as Chancellor.  She noted concerns about employees and students being unable to park close to where they are going at night.  Folt pointed to her record as opposing night parking as Interim President of Dartmouth College.  On the other hand, she apologized for the disruption that the postponement of the program caused.  She pledged that the University will not charge more to individual day-time park and ride permit holders to make up this lost revenue.

With regard to the upcoming Wainstein report, Chancellor Folt said that this report on academic irregularities at the University will be a tough moment for the campus, even if nothing has gone wrong in the past four to five years.  She said that it will be important for the University to continue to work hard and tell the stories about what it does well.  She noted the Forum’s importance as representative of the multiple voices here at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She thanked employees for their work to preserve, protect, and advance the University’s mission.

Oscar Fleming of the Frank Porter Graham Child Institute said that the service aspect of the University’s work needs to be shared more broadly.  Folt agreed, noting that the University works in every county in the State of North Carolina.  She said that this service deserves a massive campaign of recognition.  She intended to produce a list for the Governor of the tens of thousands of hours that University representatives donate to the State.

On behalf of graduate students, Tong Gui thanked Chancellor Folt for her opposition to the night parking program.  He noted that parking lights could be shut off during daytime hours to save money and resources.  Folt agreed with the need to increase sustainability measures.  Gui asked if the University could work to fix the electronic bus stop panel at the Health Sciences Library stop.  The Chair pledged to consult with Gui following the meeting to work on this question.

Andy Eaker asked the Chancellor about her impressions about opportunities for career development among staff members.  Folt said that she knew little about this issue but that she found that staff have an opportunity to pursue leadership roles at a high level.  She did not know how far down this opportunity extends, however.  She noted divides here and at Dartmouth between entry-level and higher-level employees and also concerns about stratification by region.

An employee asked about measures to help the University community feel safe.  Folt distinguished between “feeling” and “being” safe.  She thought that this is a safe campus, but said that one cannot control the unexpected.  She was uncertain that the University could do much more.  She praised the University’s relationship with the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  She noted that typically there are more officers patrolling during the school year than in the summertime.  She said that in the most recent event, onlookers responded to call police fairly quickly.  She did not plan to cut Point to Point night service for students or enact other policies that would render community members less safe.  She noted the general shock at student abductions across the country and said that the University must do all that it can to keep community members safe.  She noted the general concern but said that things were generally in good shape.

Matt McKirahan of the School of Government praised Vice Chancellor for Communications and Public Affairs Joel Curran’s work to tell the University’s story.  The Chancellor noted that the School of Government does a great deal of work training legislators and decision-makers about the policy-making process.  She praised the work of Vice Chancellor Curran and the work of his office, noting that it made sense to create a unit to support this function.

Anna Schwab asked about the future outsourcing of space given the lagging development of the Carolina North parcel of land.  Chancellor Folt said that while those in outlying areas may have difficulties feeling a part of campus, the University has $800 million in deferred maintenance costs.  She noted that at Dartmouth that campus grew one million square feet in ten years.  She said that UNC-Chapel Hill must rebuild and renovate buildings with a modern feel.

Lois Douglass-Alston asked about the different impact on students from the recent academic challenges that have come to light in the past year.  Folt said that the NCAA is seriously considering revising its rules on stipends for athletes.  She said that there are changes in place as to advising and preparatory work for athletes that will follow the work of the Carolina Covenant for lower-income UNC students.  She noted that UNC-Chapel Hill has increased the graduation rates for African-American men in recent years.

Kirk Montgomery noted the frenzy of spending in State units at the end of each fiscal year.  He asked if the University or State could set up a trust fund for these units instead of requiring these spend-downs.  Folt said that the University benefits from carry-forward F&A money and holds money in reserve.  She noted discrepancies in understanding when reserves increase while budgets decrease that occurs naturally when departments reduce their spending in difficult times.  She said that the University is permitted to save a certain amount but the rest is beyond its control.

The Chair welcomed Assistant Sports Marketing Director Alexis Barlow to discuss perks and discounts available to UNC employees.  She noted that employees receive a discount for football and men’s basketball season tickets.  UNC employees with their OneCards can obtain up to four free tickets for the twenty-six other Olympic sports.  She noted that UNC employees can purchase $10 tickets to the UNC-Georgia Tech game October 18.  She said that Athletics plans to establish gatherings with University athletes and employees in the future.  Barlow noted that women’s basketball and baseball games are not general admission and require employees to obtain tickets from the box office.

The Chair noted that Professor Jonathan Oberlander was scheduled to speak on the Affordable Care Act’s impact on the State and the University.  Unfortunately, Professor Oberlander was sick and so was unable to speak that morning.

The Chair welcomed Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity, and Engagement Felicia Washington to present the Forum’s customary Human Resources update.  Vice Chancellor Washington noted that October is National Hispanic Heritage month and National Disability Employment Awareness month.  She encouraged employees to donate in the Carolina Cares/Carolina Shares campaign.  Additionally, she encouraged employees to participate in the staff processional at University Day October 12.  She said that it would not look good for an activity coordinated by the Employee Forum if it suffered a lack of participation.  She looked forward to her first University Day as Vice Chancellor.

Washington welcomed Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Matt Brody to speak on the ConnectCarolina effort.  Brody praised Office of Human Resources Director Vicki Bradley as the point person on the project, among many, many others who have contributed.  Brody said that staff have been camping out overnight at Information Technology Services to accomplish this goal.  He said that he had never seen staff engaged in such an intense effort.  He was pleased that the first biweekly payroll under the new system had run without errors, but he cautioned that there will be bumps with the new system.  He said that program administrators could not relax yet, saying that several interfaces without serious tumult would be necessary before the team could accept congratulations.

Senior Director of Human Resources Communication and Talent Development Kathy Bryant provided a demonstration of how an employee can access their pay stub through the ConnectCarolina portal page, via the “Self-Service” button.  She distributed a worksheet to help employees find their paystubs, located at  (This page will be translated into Burmese, Karan, and Spanish.)

Bryant showed delegates how to search and register for training courses via the “Self-Service” page.  She noted that supervisors will now receive a notification of employees’ training schedule.  Bryant confirmed that managers do not need to approve training enrollment, but they do receive notification of their employees’ courses.  Felicia Washington asked if automatic placement occurs when a full class suddenly has a space open up.  Bryant said that wait listed employees are offered the option whether to enroll or not.  She advised employees to confirm their enrollment in courses via the “Self-Service” page.  She also noted that employees should never use the “Back” button when negotiating ConnectCarolina.

Andy Eaker asked if ConnectCarolina training will offer suggestions similar to Google recommendations based on employee’s interests.  Bryant said that Human Resources was looking at this option but will likely implement an extended learning model down the road.

Arlene Medder noted that there are a number of employees who are not computer savvy.  Bryant said that Human Resources is willing to work with employees to provide a walkthrough in the use the activity.  Bryant confirmed that there will not be any changes to the Time Information Management system (TIM).

Senior Director for Benefits and Work Life Ashley Nicklis noted that the enrollment period for the State Health Plan and NC Flex will run from October 1-31, 2014.  She said that there were no rate or benefits design changes this year.  Enrollees will be able to stay in their current plan, however to receive discounts they must repeat their health attestations again.  She noted that NC Flex tried this year to change its communication methods from enrollment books but had to wait given the changes involved in ConnectCarolina.  She noted that enrollment books will be delivered to employees’ homes in the next week.  Nicklis said that employees can access the Administrative Office Building (AOB) computer lab for assistance, or can consult with Human Resources officials at Employee Appreciation Day October 17.

Nicklis noted that the end of State Health Plan coverage for employees separating from the State has been extended to the end of the following month following separation, a reversal from a previous practice.  Kathy Ramsey confirmed that this change affects only the State Health Plan, as other NC Flex products will still end at the end of the month of separation.

The Chair noted that the Forum’s minutes have been placed on a Sharepoint server to avoid propagation of errors prior to their approval.  He commented that the Chancellor had been very gracious in her remarks generally and particularly in respect to the night parking situation.  He called for a motion to approve the minutes.  Kelli Raker noted that there were two corrections, first of all that the Jennifer Scott works with Equal Opportunity Compliance.  She noted that her name and Andy Eaker’s were confused twice in the text of the minutes.  Arlene Medder said that she was unable to access the minutes via the Sharepoint page.  The Chair called for a motion to approve the minutes as amended by Kelli Raker and pending any edits from Arlene Medder.  Michael Highland made this motion, seconded by Oscar Fleming.  This motion was approved, and the minutes would be made public pending Medder’s edits.

The Chair asked for nominations to fill the position of Forum Secretary.  He noted that Karen Jenkins had submitted her nomination.  There were no other nominations.  The Chair called for a motion to close nominations and select Jenkins for the position by acclamation.  Parliamentarian Matt McKirahan said that a voice vote circumvents the Forum Bylaws.  Jackie Overton moved to close nominations, seconded by Andy Eaker.  The motion was approved with two voting in opposition and one abstention.  The motion to select Jenkins by acclamation was approved by voice vote.

The Chair noted that the Forum needs to select an alternate to the UNC System Staff Assembly.  Alternates to the Assembly attend in place of Assembly delegates who cannot attend, and vote only when one of the regular delegates are not present.  Kirk Montgomery had already put his name forward for this position.  The Chair called for other nominations.  Ronald Campbell at first nominated himself, then withdrew his name.  The Chair then asked for a motion to close nominations and select Montgomery by acclamation.  This motion was approved with one abstention.

Todd Hux reported that the UNC Blood Drive group will hold two blood drives this semester, on October 14 and December 7.  He noted that a $5,000 gift card will be given to a random donor at the latter drive.  He noted that there will be a push for faculty and staff to donate during the December 7th drive, when students are in the middle of finals.

Arlene Medder said that the Carolina Campus Community Garden committee is working on obtaining potential interns to work at the Garden.  The Garden has received approval from the University Buildings & Grounds committee and the Chapel Hill Historic District Commission to construct a toolshed.  Now, the Garden is searching for volunteer carpenters to build the shed.  The Chair suggested that there might be a carpenter among the staff willing to donate their services.   Michael Highland asked if this project could offer carpentry lessons to interested parties.  The Chair thought that this could impede the progress of the shed.

The Chair noted that Katie Turner of the Communications and Public Relations committee was busy with editing stories for InTouch and commissioning the Forum Twitter class on October 16.  The Forum book club will feature Maya Angelou’s “The Heart of a Woman” on Friday, October 24.

Andy Eaker said that the Education and Career Development committee had worked with Turner to establish the Twitter class with Professor Andy Bechtel.  He noted that Professor Bechtel had agreed to teach another course in November.  He noted that the course has proven very popular, with a large wait list.  Eaker said that the committee is in the early stages of completing a comprehensive survey on staff development, and planning a potential staff social event.  Arlene Medder proposed that this event promote different ways of efficiency.

Ombuds officer Wayne Blair took a moment to note the difficulty that some members of the University community have had with responsible and professional use of the Twitter medium.  The Chair asked if Blair meant use of Twitter for work or personal use.  Blair said that some seem to lack appreciation that tweets go out all over the world and eventually come back to those they disparage, such as their boss or coworkers.  Anna Schwab noted that employees are precluded from using their work account or equipment for personal use.  Blair said that the University can tell its employees what equipment it can use to tweet messages but not what to tweet.  The Chair anticipated that Professor Bechtel’s class would cover this need as part of the basics of Twitter.  Felicia Washington said that Twitter posts are time-stamped and there are ways to discourage this practice during work time.

The Chair said that the Membership & Assignments committee will likely meet in the next few weeks.

The Chair noted that the Recognition & Awards committee had selected its Community Award winner (3-Legged Stool).  The committee will announce the winner at a future Forum meeting.  The committee also needs to select a chair.

Yvonne Dunlap said that Director of State Relations Jennifer Willis will join the Personnel Issues committee on October 27 to discuss legislative issues.

The Chair said that the UNC Staff Assembly will meet in person October 13 and 14.

The Chair noted that the Executive Committee has worked on a goals and objectives statement.  He planned to present on this work at a future Forum meeting.  He asked delegates to send on suggestions for agenda topics for the October 20 Provost/Vice Chancellor meeting, which will take place from 3-4 p.m. in 311 South Building.

The Chair asked for guests’ statements.  As there were none, he called for a motion to adjourn.  Jackie Overton made this motion, which was approved by acclamation.  The meeting adjourned at 11:26 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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