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CCCG Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2015


Present:  Alice Ammerman, Adam Bock, Nancy Easterling, Carol Enarson, Shayna Hill, Christina Lebonville, Claire Lorch, Arlene Medder, John O’Sullivan, Kyle Parker, Linden Thayer, Diane Webster and Victoria Whitfield



  • Edible Campus: Claire recently met with Emily Auerbach, who runs this project. They agreed to share volunteers if either have too many and that CCCG would glean any food that hasn’t been eaten by a designated date to distribute to housekeepers. Natives of the Earth, now renamed Urban Youth Learning Garden, has joined forces with HOPE Gardens. Teens from their program will be helping maintain the production garden within the Edible Campus Hub.
  • Photographing Distributions: Since Vicki missed this discussion last month, she requested a chance to express her feelings about this issue. Vicki said that she was proud to be a housekeeper and that she feels blessed by the opportunity to get food from the garden and senses that her colleagues feel likewise.  She is not aware of anyone being uncomfortable being photographed at the distributions.
  • FLO ‘s Farmers’ Market: Thanks to the successful efforts of our student advisory board members that tabled the event and gave out Alice’s wonderful bread, we had 74 new sign-ups!
  • Sustainability Social: Adam attended this recent event and reported all student orgs with any environmental aspect have endorsed developing a new website with everyone’s links, improving communication and getting together once a semester.
  • Greenhouse Schedule and Celebration: construction completion date now set for Dec. 18th. Due to conflict with exams, RESPC wants to delay celebration until after greenhouse has been built.
  • Third Shift Distributions-last time 30 people showed up. Progress!


Weed Dating

  • Event scheduled for Friday, Nov 13th from 1:00 – 2:15 p.m.
  • Will just include 15 students from Alpha Chi and 15 from Kappa Sig, our first attempt to reach out specifically to the Greeks.
  • Activities that day will include helping to create a children’s area in the garden. We hope to be putting in some jumping logs and a digging area (see attached photo taken at the North Carolina Botanical Garden-NCBG), creating chimes with bamboo, signs and painting river rocks with letters.
  • Alice has generously offered to supply the refreshments.
  • Diane, Linden, Shayna, and Carol will volunteer to help. Adam and Chris would like to help but would need to come late.
  • Alice was going to check with her son who is a member of Kappa Sig about music.


  • Garden Snaps –Carol, as part of her role as an Orange County master gardener, has created “garden snaps” or snapshots-which are brief descriptions and interesting facts about 20 garden terms (such as feather meal, BT, scuppernongs) that she has organized into a notebook that are all relevant to the work we do at the CCCG. Carol presents one garden snap to volunteers at the beginning of the Sunday workday. The garden snap notebook is available throughout the workday. Adam offered to digitize the descriptions and put them up on our website which we agreed was a great idea.


  • Class partnerships – A team of 4 students from Susan Iron’s English 105, Business Communication class working with an MBA student has been assigned work with the CCCG. They will propose a major fundraising event for the Garden, along with a rationale for the event. The deliverables for the organization will be a written proposal and a final presentation pitching the idea on Nov. 30th. Claire asked for some fund raising event ideas that could be shared with the team that she will meet with Friday. The following suggestions were made:
  • Food trucks over at the Nash Parking Lot
  • Samples from local chefs
  • Partner with the Carolina Inn that offers Music on the Lawn on Friday evenings
  • Tie in chefs from the dining hall and show what the compost from the dining hall produces
  • Partner with a restaurant
  • Tie it in with our greenhouse ribbon cutting since we will be doing this anyway
  • Food and Pollination Dinner – As part of the campus-wide Food Theme, Nancy and Claire proposed holding a pollination dinner out at the NCBG as a way to demonstrate the importance of pollinators in our lives. The menu would include a variety of foods that require pollination. There would also be a program with a speaker and presentation of some sort.  They will be forming an advisory board. Suggested date would be fall of 2016.  Will look into funding for the event from Burt’s Bees.


  • Food Cultural Event –also would be done in conjunction with the Food Theme at NCBG, might be a dinner featuring foods of the Karen, with background on their history, cooking, gardening, etc. Karen Recipes are available on the Transplanting Traditions website. It was also suggested that we do something a little more expansive such as: Southern meets Karen.


  • Upcoming Events
  • Nov 2nd School of Ed senior science methods class to tour/volunteer

(9:45 – 10:45 a.m.)

  • Nov 13th Weed Dating (1:00 – 2:15 p.m.)
  • Nov 8th Provisional Class of Junior League to volunteer
  • Nov 15th Junior League to volunteer
  • Nov 18th Advisory Board Meeting
  • Nov 21sth Newman Service Day 8:00 – 11:30 a.m.
  • Nov 30th Susan Irons’ class presentations 5 p.m.
  • Dec 3rd Sarah Dempsey’s class presentations 9:00 -10:00 a.m.




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